Lost Child
Lost Child poem stories

rcloudwalker let your mind wander but never your soul
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A poem about finding comfort in solitude yet desperate for a loved one

Lost Child

I chose this path to hide from the world I chose this path to avoided my fears It's an endless road

Yet I've lost my way

Every sleepless night leaving me breathless Getting drunk on memories

Without reason I started to resent myself Finding comfort in solitude Wondering til how long do I have to stay awake

The line between sanity and insanity keep on shrinking Quenching my thirst I tried to swallow my tears I was ten thousand feet under

Love is long forgotten I'll be lying if I said I never missed you

I regreted my past I hated being like this I am nothing but a fool I am nothing but a lost child without you

Say when you come across me in the future Will you still recognize me?

I've hurt you a thousand times Carving out a scars over and over again

You are the song that makes me cry hopelessly You are the one who always keep me sober You are my home and will always be

They say every shadows exist to have a light in it

It's not far til my eyes lay upon you It's not far til I find my way back to you

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