Broken Soul
Broken Soul poem stories

rcloudwalker let your mind wander but never your soul
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They said, it's never too late
To fix everything
His heart, his body and his soul
All got shattered to pieces
No one but him who'll pick those pieces
But the damage has been done
Some things can't be fixed
Some things are meant to be broken

Broken Soul

Sailing around aimlessly with a broken compass Trying to stay awake to fight the current But fell overboard almost drowned

Being caged up like a little bird Trying to break free from the rusty chains But ended up leaving a scars

Wounding his fragile heart Never got the chance to mend it

Looking at his reflection through the mirror He despise every fiber of himself

Was it his fault for being such a coward? Was it his fault that the worlds is so against him?

Was it his fault that he feared the future? Was it his fault for being the way he is?

The world is so filthy and corrupted Nightmare still fresh on his mind

People pointed their guns at him Shooting straight through his spine

Wailing in silence Screaming for help But no one ever come

A mirror is like a maze No matter how much he walked through He'll always back to square one

Til how long do he had to wander to get the right answer?

Just like a broken mirror He believed he deserve nothing but being forgotten

He used to feel sad Now he is just numb

He lost a part of himself

Blankness Emptiness Nothing That's what left of him

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