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rchverifiedFan of punctuation
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"Line Rider" started as an student's final project, and quickly exploded into an international phenomenon in 2006.
9 years later, the community is about 50 people large.
Why makes it interesting? Why did people quit? Why did I play it for years?

Video references:
Line Rider Skate Park:
Evolution of Line Rider:
Back to Basics:
Manual Mayhem X:
Empowered Unity:

There are still people making cool Line Rider videos!

Line Rider

"Best Web Toy 2006" Why did I get into this? What happened to it?

It's simple: Pencil, ruler, eraser.

Draw lines with your mouse, then press play. Let gravity take over and watch your creation unfold!

It has a "lose condition"

The rider falls off the sled if he hits something too fast, or at a bad angle.

"Scened" tracks are about VISUALS

People can make amazing art with just lines.

"Unscened" tracks are about MOVEMENT

Can use glitches to generate impossible acrobatics Everyone has a personal style/flow (like dance/music!)

The community got really good

But most tricks were hard for new players to replicate

People quit

Making a track is repetitive. Lots of erasing, redrawing. Why would anyone play? Why did I play?

Simply put, I enjoyed making.

75,000 lines into this track, I quit, but not because I stopped liking the game. I just got too busy

Line Rider: physics toy, creative outlet.

People came from around the world for the satisfaction of making something from nothing.

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2 years agoReply
Dude you can't release Omega Scened like that! Even unfinished, I'd love to see it. Where's the video? or .sol? (This is rabid squirrel) @other comments - Typically a minute of scenery would take about 100 hours. But people have spent much longer on the largest unscened tracks (500 hours) than the largest scenery tracks (300 hours). Which isn't all that unusual in the world of art, actually. Plenty of artists in plenty of mediums will spend much more time than that creating something. I think the reason nearly everyone quit is because of a shrinking audience of people who would watch or care about the finished product. I'm still making stuff in Line Rider, for the record. Still struggling to come to terms with having an audience of next to nobody. But I keep coming back to it.

rchVerifiedFan of punctuation
2 years agoReply
@sydney too long, I never got into scenery since I cared more about the rider's movement than how well I could draw (which is not very) but it would take people weeks (I don't know how many hours a week).

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Used to love this game.... My drawings didn't look anything as fancy as that though. How long does take to make a complicated drawing?