Nov 12 2015 Change Log
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rchverifiedFan of punctuation
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Big UI update may come with unintended side effects

Nov 12 2015 Change Log

Big UI update may come with unintended side effects

New design for your stories

Just scroll through stories. Yes, with trackpads/mice! Known issue: Can't scroll out of comments on mobile. For now, hit the "Back to Top" button!

New creation page

We're looking to make this feel a little more like other editing apps. The previews haven't been exactly WYSIWIG either... We're on it!

Homepage updated

We have a cooler homepage :)

Weekly Digests Top posts of the week!

We'll start this next week, once that starts, you won't miss a thing. If you got an email yesterday, sorry! That was a huge mistake.

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sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
Woot woot! Biggest update yet :)