In the Year 2021,
In the Year 2021, ryan stories

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This is the monthly prompt! "Five Years from Now I will be...."

In the Year 2021,

by rch, who will be 28 in 2021 (WHAT. That's weird.)

I'll still be working on something I enjoy.

In 2016, it was this thing at, and it let people move ideas from their brain to the public domain, like personal updates and blogs, but not exactly.

(RIP my eyes) Probably checking out some new web framework.

It might be as annoying as what you're experiencing right now, struggling to read this text that's distastefully placed over a nasty, bright image of Javascript. <3

I'll appreciate the outdoors more, and get out more.

- My body will thank me. - I almost majored in geology. Almost! My favorite natural features are glaciers & fjords. So I'm a winter guy. I've been to Sognefjord, 10/10. Here's my evidence.jpg

I WILL have seen new things.

5 years, or 1827 days, seems like a long time. But it'll fly by, I'm sure; college did. Plus everyone older than me tells me so. They must be right... Right?

I better have stopped reading comments online!! ♨

So many comments are just... Bad! I often can't help reading, not in 2016. I'm curious what others think, so I read. Then I get sad from all the hate and misinformation in the world. Just don't.

I'll be cringing. While looking back at myself in 2016.

Code, writing, status updates, haircuts, the whole deal. I questioned wtf this kid was thinking in 2011, and I will in 2021, for sure. And this would make 2021 @rch cringe too, probably. :-)

I'll have a better idea of where I'll be in 5 years. Or Not~

What I said in 2011. You should try following the same prompt, because this took me longer than I thought, and I'm not satisfied with my answers. We all live in uncertainty!

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