This Isn't A Small Fire - A Hetalia Oneshot
This Isn't A Small Fire - A Hetalia Oneshot humour stories

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What happens when America, Japan, England, France, Canada and Australia go camping? Disaster...

This Isn't A Small Fire - A Hetalia Oneshot

" Ah, this spot looks good," America said with a smile as he dropped his bags on the ground.

A smaller male stood beside him and looked at up him and then to the bags that had just been dropped carelessly onto the ground.

" America-san, don't ruin our bags." The male scolded softly with a small sigh as he proceeded to put the bags neatly together. 

" Japan, they aren't gonna get ruined." America chuckled and watched as Japan fixed the bags together. He then looked around the area they were in.

They were out in the bush with luscious green trees, bushes, and tall grass. A clear blue river was also running nearby and seemed like the perfect source of water.

" I wonder what's takin' the others so long..." He hummed and sat down where he was. 

Japan narrowed his eyes slightly, " Aren't you going to help me set up our tent?"

" Yeah, in a moment. I'm taking in our view." The other nation responded softly as he leaned back on his hands and looked up at the sky.

No argument came from his partner who only sighed and began to set up their tent.

" Hey, Japan?" America glanced over at the Asian nation.

" Hai?"

" How often do you camping?"

" Not often. In fact, I rarery go camping. You know I'm more of an indoors person."

" I know I know. I don't get how you hate being outside."

" I don't hate being outside. I hate being in...the open rike this. I prefer sitting in a garden, drinking tea and reading manga."

" Ack, you sound just like England." The blond chuckled, standing up and dusting off his jeans.

As if right on cue, England appeared- though he didn't appear to be very happy.

France walked beside him, carrying a single bag as he whined about their surroundings, " I'm pretty a bug landed on me and my coat has a tear~"

" Bloody hell, it's not that bad and you shouldn't be fancy dressed when you're going camping!" 

" I'm sorry I want to look good!"

" Who are you trying to look good for? A spider?"

" Actually you, Angleterre~" France grinned and wrapped his arms around the shoulders of England. A light pink tinged his cheeks as he looked away from France.

" R-right." Was all he responded with.

Japan and America just looked at each other, sharing the same thought.

" How are these two still together?"

" No clue, dude."

" Hello, you two." England greeted, putting his bags down. " I take it Australia and Canada are not here yet?"

" Nope, I don't know where those two are. This is literally Australia's place." America laughed softly as he finished helping Japan put their tent up. 

" HEY MATES!" A voice called from the bushes. The four nations all looked over to find it was Australia and Canada. They came over to the camping spot and dumped their stuff.

" Thanks for comin' and sorry we're so late. I was checkin' up on Wy. I invited her to come with us but she didn't want to." Australia explained and grinned sheepishly.

" Thank god you didn't. Otherwise, Sealand would be here and that would be a nightmare." England breathed out a sigh of relief as he shook away that scenario playing in his head.

" You are so mean to Sealand~" France chimed in, earning a small glare from his lover.

" Let's get all the tents set up and then we could sit around a nice hot fire. I suggest we roast some marshmallows. Canada also brought some pancakes, hot chocolate, and maple syrup.

" Australia set down his stuff as Canada nodded in agreement.

" Sounds like a plan, eh?" Canada looked to the other four countries. They all nodded as well.


Once the tents had been, Canada had been tasked with getting some firewood while America had to light a small fire.

" Make sure the wood isn't damp, Mattie!" America called as he watched his brother venture into the bush.

Australia was sitting on a log next to Japan, catching up with him while France and England bickered over what colour blanket they would sleep under in their tent.

" How the bloody hell are those two dating?" Australia whispered to Japan who shrugged and responded.

" No crue."

Matthew came back with the firewood and dumped it in front of Alfred.

" Thanks, bruh!" He grinned and began to set the wood in a way so a fire could be started. He stood, walking over to his bag resting near his tent.

He began to dig through it in order to find his lighter. Once found, he tested to see if it would light a fire. However, every time he flicked it, nothing would come out.

He sighed and chucked it somewhere in the bush.

" That's trash now. How else can I start a fire?" He searched through his bag once more and came across a box of matches.

He let out a relieved breath at the sight of them and opened to find there were 3 matches in the box.

' That should be enough.' He thought. 

He felt satisfied with the matches when another idea came to mind. Japan had brought some spare petrol with them for the trip back home.

' Oh! I could totally use a little bit of petrol to make the best and warmest fire ever! That's a totally heroic idea! Japan loves being warm and I'm sure the other guys do as well.

' He practically beamed at his idea and looked to his boyfriend who was still chatting away with Australia.

Kiku normally wasn't very talkative but he and Australia enjoyed most of the same sports- that's generally what they spoke about on top of political affairs and food.

The American snuck into his tent and started rummaging through Japan's bag which held clothes ( his kimono was the most recognisable outfit), manga, snacks and a water bottle.

America took the water bottle and emptied its contents.

" Where did he put it?" He huffed softly in frustration before spotting the jerry can of petrol covered by a mat. He moved the mat and picked up the jerry can.

He poured some of the flammable substance into the water bottle and then left jerry can where he had found it.

He left the tent and went back over to his small pile of firewood. He tipped the small amount of petrol on the tree branches and then struck a match which he dropped onto firewood.

In an instant, the wood became ablaze with a tall fire that caught all the nations' attention. The fire was impressive but that is began to spread due to the long grass in the area.

" You tit! I said a small fire!" England slapped America upside the head as Australia sighed and shook his head.

" Did you not see the grass everywhere?" America grinned sheepishly.

" I'll go get some water from the river," Canada informed and walked off with a container to collect water in.

He came back and threw the water onto the fire as Australia used a blanket to put it out as well. The fire died as everyone looked to America.

" How did you even get a fire that big?" Japan inquired, tilting his head slightly.

"...I used a match and some petrol. I thought it would make the fire cooler and warmer." America explained. Australia cracked up laughing at that and picked up to sticks.

" Let me show ya how a real fire is made." He stated and proceeded to make a newer yet smaller fire with the sticks.


Once the fire was up and running with no hazards this time. The countries all sat around it in their sleepwear, holding marshmallows on sticks and lightly toasting them over the fire.

" You are an idiot." Kiku suddenly said to Alfred.

" Pffft, it seemed like a good idea at the time." America joked and chuckled softly before wrapping an arm around the smaller male.

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