My Cousin's Wedding
My Cousin's Wedding  wedding stories

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My Cousin's Wedding

By Razia Refai

Silk saree touched with gold,

Mascara lidded eyes,

Creamy lipstick a shade too bold,

I am ready to face the night.

Blushing flowers everywhere,

The soft rustle of chiffon and silk,

Spicy mutton biriyani cooked with care,

It is a breathtaking sight.

How radiant the bride looks-

in pearls, ivory, and lace?

The handsome groom in his charcoal suit took

Her hand and held on to it tight.

A question circled the reception hall

addressing me.

"Aren't you getting married at all?

Your future will be blight!"

"You should have a husband by now," they say,

"At least a couple of kids.

Time is a bird that will fly away,

Then what will be your plight?"

I tell them with a smile," please don't worry,

Marriage is more than "I do"!

I choose to be single than sorry,

And "I do" when I think it is right."

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