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One...... one lie.

Thoughts from my book "Forgetting Her Past" on Wattpad.


One...... one lie. That’s all it took to unravel everything I had. Just one......

Now that one decision haunts me. Despite every move I make, I’m always haunted by that one lie.....

I wish that I could take it back, turn back the clock once more to stop myself....... But I can’t... I have to live every day, with that weight on my mind, with that guilt from my past.

They say I can do it, "Just take it one day at a time," She told me a pity smile on her face I don’t know if I can.... I don’t know if I can survive.

“Just one more slice, and you’ll be free,” the voice whispers in my ear. “Free from the guilt, from the pain, free from your past, just one more......”

Tears form in my eyes as I ponder, will I be free after this. My eyes droop as I held the blade in my shaking hand, my body weak.

I shut my eyes as I press the blade against my wrist, the voice getting louder, “Yes just one more and you’ll be free, you’ll be with us again sweetie,”

“Kris?” Someone knocked at the door, “Kris! Answer me,” the person yelled. “Come on sweetheart, we want to be with you again, join us,” the voice whispered louder than ever.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered to the door.

Pressing the blade against my wrist once more, wincing at the pain as I slice my last tie to life. “Kris!” The voice yelled as she ran to me stopping my hand from going deeper.

“Dad, call an ambulance,” she shouted, “Why, Kris, why?” She questioned me as she applied pressure to my wound.

Black dots clouded my vision, sleep calling my name. “Kris no stay with me stay with me,” she turned her head to the door, “DAD!” She screamed.

“I’m sorry,” I told her, “All I wanted to do was forget.” Darkness consumed me as she screamed.

All I want is to forget.........

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