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Sometimes I wonder if I'm good enough. So here's what I think


Sometimes I wonder if I'm good enough, Before I continue, let me pause to say, That this is not about body image, or about fitting in.

So hold your, "No you're beautiful comments" "Don't listen to them they're just jealous" OR "You're special and if they can't see that then they don't deserve you," comments.

This being "good enough" is about pursuing what you dream to be, Your passion! It could be dance, singing, music, art, writing. There are so many things we dream to be.

You probably were expecting me to say something about career choices, But that's different, well to me it is. A career is something you study for, something you know that you have to get,

Sometimes, your job is your passion and you wonder if you're doing your best, But that's not what I'm talking about either. I'm talking about the dreams we decide to make a reality, I'm talking about the beginning phase of everything,

The phase where we decide to take the leap and risk it all, To try and do something we love And it feels amazing, it's a rush, a high especially When someone expresses their love for what you do,

You believe that you made the right decision, Don't get me wrong, you did! But then comes the doubt, That little bastard that makes you rethink everything, That bugger, who makes you observe everyone else,

You highlight their successes and your slow progress, You wonder what's wrong with you, "Why aren't you moving forward like them? I'm putting in the effort,

Trying my best, giving it my all, But why is nothing happening?" "Is it that I'm not GOOD ENOUGH?"

These thoughts circulate through our head, We constantly doubt that we are good enough, That we should do what we love. Hell! This happens to me, so you're not alone,

We all experience this slum, this little monster called doubt. BUT, don't fear for there is a hero here.

Oh, you know who I'm talking about, This hero is always lurking around waiting to rescue us from doubt, I'm gonna let you in on a secret, this hero is so powerful, That even big bad doubt is afraid of him,

He may be small but his impact tops all the work of doubt, "Who is this hero?" You ask. This hero is called HOPE.

Yes, HOPE, HOPE is available to anyone who is ready to believe that they are good enough, Heck, you're more than good enough, you're EXTRAORDINARY, you're SPECIAL, ONE OF A KIND!

HOPE reminds us that we're all these things, These words that doubt tries to cover up. HOPE is a wonderful thing, an awesome feeling but HOPE could only do so much, Sure he's powerful but HOPE needs YOU to grant him that power,

HOPE starts when you believe in yourself and that you are worth it all, that you are good enough to pursue your dream, your passion.

Doubt continues to reign because we don't know this, Well, I'm fed up with doubt's never-ending reign so I'm telling you all this.

BELIEVE in YOURSELF! It will take some time before doubt's overthrown, But as you continue to believe, HOPE gets stronger and stronger.

If you can't believe in yourself, find someone who believes in you, It's a wondering feeling to know that someone believes in you and after some time, Their belief rubs off on you and you start to see why they believe in you, And you begin to believe in yourself.

So I said everything I could say to encourage you and myself, And I hope you accept what I said, But my final question to you is:

Are you gonna fuel your doubts or HOPE?

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