Who was she?
Who was she? mystery stories
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He searched for her everywhere, when he finally found her. A conversation between two lovers with some twist of plot. Read on to know more.

Who was she?

Hey! So finally you found me ha? She said turning her head back looking at him.

“What the hell are you doing here sitting alone?

” He yelled at her with teary eyes- “I have searched every other place that’s your favourite, every coffee place, every book store, then finally it stuck me that of all, this place,

this sunset point is your favourite of all, so I came here, after searching for you not for hours but for days together, I thought I lost you forever, I thought you were gone like they are...”

“Okay okay!” She interrupted him “Pause for a sec! Take a deep breath! You found me right? I am here now! Would you just talk to me and spend some time with me? She said with a smile. “But I..

and they... all those people...” he rambled •

Ok! Quite now! Just relax! Come here, sit with me& enjoy this Beautiful view, this moment of serenity!

She hold his hands and made him sit with her, she then rested her head on his shoulder and.. “you know what? I knew you would come looking for me.

I knew you would search for me, I knew you would finally come here, so I just sat here waiting for you, so I could meet you again for one last time” and.. here I brought us coffee! ☕️

“What are you saying? What last time? What’s wrong with you?” He was perplexed! “And What’s wrong with the people? Why are they saying..” •

“Okay okay calm down! U know today is the rare eclipse it’s blue and blood moon”•

“Ahh I forgot you love watching blood moon and wanted us to come here today to watch the eclipse together” he said •

“Yes! So you remember!

That’s why I am here” she gets up, takes two step forward and continues, “but this is it, just this time until this eclipse passes, and before it ends, Darling, I want to tell you,

“I love you and I will always be with you”, and Yes, like they say, I am really no more, I am dead, and you have to accept that! I have to go now, take care love!

” saying this she turns into a Silver glowing beautiful Owl and vanishes! Just like that! Leaving him astounded!

He couldn’t move or fathom what just happened, maybe it’s a dream he thinks, rubs his eyes, and opens to find himself at that very same place with coffee in his hand.

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