Muster the Strength to Win from within - RSOI

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Muster the Strength to Win from within An initial stepping stones of winning are to gain everything you need from within yourself. The plan is yours, and so must your actions and plans be.
By Ravi Melwani

Muster the Strength to Win from within - RSOI

by Ravi Melwani

Muster the Strength to Win from within

An initial stepping stones of winning are to gain everything you need from within yourself. The plan is yours, and so must your actions and plans be.

Any kind of achievement requires the person to be strong and resilient to failures and insults.

A good example that some people can understand is from the statement, be a bubble or a ball? Well, it's simple.

What is the difference between a bubble and a ball? The moment the bubble touches anything, it just bursts, but a ball doesn't burst. It bounces back! Successful people bounce back.

When they hit resistance, they don't burst. When somebody touches them, they don't burst - they are like a tough ball! Whatever happens, the ball just keeps bouncing.

Similarly, successful people keep on bouncing. If you want to be a successful person, remember that you have to bounce back, no matter what.

Regardless of the problems, resistance, difficulties, and roadblocks, the moment you hit a roadblock, don't stop! Bounce like a ball!

Because you don't burst like a bubble, you will be on your way to success!

Another observed characteristic that acts against winning is, overwhelming the mind with complaints and constant whining.

There are many people who keep on whining, complaining and repeating questions like why they couldn't do it, what stopped them from success, why it's not possible, why it's so difficult,

and why the world is so unfair. Well, this is called whining. They keep on whining, but those who are whining, are never winning. So, success is a choice between whining and winning.


Because whiners lose their entire time and energy whining and winners do not have any time to whine at all!

They are just focusing on winning; they focus on the secret of success and think about their plans.

They work on their dreams and their teams, and together with the focus on winning, they achieve success. In order to be stronger and assertive, you must be your own pilot.

Your plane is your life, and you are in command of your plane. You are in the pilot seat, and you have the controls in your hands.

Just like a pilot can take his plane to any destination, you can take your life to any destination because it's your life and you have to make the choice of what you want.

You take off, cruise, and land the way you like. Don't blame others for the course of your life's journey.

You are the pilot of your plane, if you give the charge of your plane to a co-pilot or to anybody else, it's your mistake. Don't let anybody take charge of your life.

You take charge of your own life. You pilot your plane to a destination of your choice.

Know where you want to go, choose the right direction, put in the right fuel, take off, land, arrive, and succeed!

This means, that you shouldn't be waiting for an external factor to motivate you. The drive to set things in motion must come from within.

Many people do not reach the destination of success because they are waiting for external motivation. It's common to hear statements like "I need to be motivated" or "I need motivation".

But is it motivation that creates success? Not always. The real ingredient of success is volition. Volition is nothing but voluntary intention.

Unless there is a voluntary intention for one to do something, it will never happen.

How many times can somebody force you to do something? If you really want to do something, it should come from your heart.

You should want to do it; it should become your aspiration and your resolution.

Resolve to succeed, desire to succeed and create that voluntary intention or volition to succeed, and this is one of the sure secrets to get to the top!

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