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Discover the Power within A very few people understand this secret that there is a power within- a power that creates the heart to beat and gives us life.
By Ravi Melwani

Discover the Power within - RSOI

by Ravi Melwani

Discover the Power within

A very few people understand this secret that there is a power within- a power that creates the heart to beat and gives us life.

This power is often referred to as Prana, Shakti, Chi, or Ojas - there are so many names. Basically, this power creates life, and it is the same power that can create success.

Unfortunately, some of us are able to transmute that power into success, and some of us lose it because we don't use it. Yes! There is tremendous power within, but we have to discover it.

The power already exists inside us, but it is covered by various sheaths of the body. We have to uncover and discover the power and then use the power to succeed!

Free Your Mind, then Wake it

We often hear about the law of attraction and "believe and achieve" theory, but what does this mean? The mind is a very powerful tool. We can either use it to succeed or to fail.

The choice is ours!

We must program our mind to think the right thoughts because whatever the mind thinks, it is followed by action, and then from action to habit, habit to character and character to destiny.

If we make the mind think the right thoughts, we will believe and achieve.

However, if we let the mind think negative thoughts, we will be discouraged. Then we will never believe and hence fail. The choice is ours.

Know that we can control the mind and through the mind, control our thoughts, actions and destiny.

Unleash the power of Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm has great power. We all know it because enthusiastic people are inspired. They are full of energy, they walk, they talk, they move, they achieve, and hence, they are enthusiastic.

However, the challenge is "How do you become enthusiastic?

" You can become enthusiastic and learn this Secret of Success by understanding that enthusiasm is born from two words: "En Theos", meaning "In God".

What happens when you believe in God? When you believe in the power that has made the entire creation, it creates faith, hope and trust in you.

Faith, hope and trust together are the ingredients for enthusiasm. So it's a simple way to believe and build enthusiasm.

Once you have built enthusiasm, you will build the energy that is needed for your much-wanted success.

And stop chasing butterflies and start digging gold

After going through the above steps the only thing for you to do next is to get to work!

When I look at successful people and those who do not want to succeed, I find a very distinctive characteristic that differentiates the two groups.

Successful people are busy digging gold: they go on and on and on.

They are focused, they are persistent, they know what they want, they do it, they don't get distracted, they just keep at it, on and on and they get it!

What about those who do not want to succeed? They are chasing butterflies; they are doing this and that. They are doing everything else except focusing on the success that they seek.

No wonder they are not successful.

Therefore, if you want success, follow this simple and true Secret of Success: "Stop chasing butterflies...

Start digging gold! This secret can make you achieve success; it can give you the much wanted focus, determination and energy that are required for success to happen.

So, why wait? Start digging gold!

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