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It's midnight, and Lust is back on the prowl for a meal yet again! But in this dog-eat-dog world, the hunter can become the hunted in the blink of an eye. . .

Kisses & Masquerades

Midnight finally came, and with it, Lust's freedom to prowl the city streets in search of prey.

She slipped through the quiet sidewalks, shifting in and out of flickering street lights, barely of notice to the locals that had long since bedded themselves.

Stoneport Harbor was at the peak of its grotesquery: trash of all kinds lined the sidewalk, intoxicated sailors and ferry workers were a common sight throughout the night, and to top it all off,

Stoneport Harbor really wasn't fit to be called a city. No, rather, it was more of a great, big mess of ramshackle lots, slums, and trash pile ups -- indeed the perfect place for a hunt.

Lust needed not worry about United Imperium states-guards interrupting her nightly scrounge -- simply put, there weren't any.

Any crimes or offenses committed within the city walls were to be handled by the community itself, and this worked well in her favor.

She spotted a sailor down the road, too drunk on wine, whiskey, and beer to even walk a straight line. Deciding against her familiar nature, she set off in search for a better meal.

The man was far too woozy to feel pain, and if there was something Lust wanted -- no, needed -- from her victims, it was pain.

Shifting through darkened alleyways home to rabid dogs, cats,

and raccoons; rundown homes abandoned longer than anyone cared to keep track of; and late-night bars packed to the brim with all sorts of indecent animals, Lust was growing ever-so desperate.

If she had to starve for another night, it would be most unpleasant.

But from the crowd, out stepped a ray of hope -- a gentleman clad in fine tunic fit for an Imperium noble.

Wrapped around his neck was a scarf that obscured part of his face from her view, and sitting atop his head was a hat that blended in with the night itself.

From where Lust stood, it was almost impossible to make out his features. No matter, they all looked the same -- at least, when they beg. She licked her lips and marked her target.

Now was just a matter of picking when to strike.

Slowly, silently, and intently, she stalked her soon-to-be prey, carefully watching his every move.

There was something disconcerting about the gentleman, yet, she couldn't quite place a finger on it.

He moved at a leisurely pace, and without so much as a noise. Every step was silent, every stride, sure.

The man turned down a wide avenue and walked past the rows of rose-bushes that had begun to bloom just last week.

A few corners here and a couple turns there led him to his destination -- a completely empty warehouse with bright spotlights shining down from above.

Lust contemplated. Was this a trap? The empty warehouse and the man's mysterious allure said yes, but her hunger said, "it doesn't matter."

And so she went.

"Well, well, well," said a voice from behind the man. "Out for a midnight stroll are we, love?"

To Lust's surprise, he neither reacted awe-struck nor unbearably in love.

Instead, he just remained completely still, back turned to her and hands preoccupied by a gold coin that he took pleasure tossing gleefully into the air. "The night's cold. I like it like this."

She inched closer, still wary of the many possibilities of danger. For now, she would keep her distance. "So, what's your story, darling?"

The man shoved one hand into his suit pocket, keeping the other firmly on the coin "What's yours?"

Lust let a giggle escape her lips, making sure to sound it out as alluring as possible. "Ooh. . . Playing hard to get, are we?"

He half turned to meet her captivating gaze. His lips curved. "Is that the game now?"

"The game is whatever you want it to be, honey."

"Mmm. . . Is that right?"

"Oh, yes."

"That sounds tempting."

Half a minute. Half a minute and this man would be hers to torment for however long she deemed necessary. Lust could almost taste his blood in her mouth.

She bit the bottom of her lips and charmed his eyes with hers. "Perhaps we can go somewhere quieter and. . . Play around."

He inched yet closer to her. With each step, Lust's cravings spiked. She was already thinking of a hundred different ways to torture her newfound prey.

Perhaps she would flay his skin tonight and save the rest for tomorrow? Or perhaps she would drain every pint of blood from his body drop by drop? So many choices, such little time.

Quicker than Lust cared to notice, the knife made its way to the bottom of her chin and drew fresh beads of blood. The man leaned in and caressed her face. "It's true what they say about you.

You are, indeed, charming."

She smirked. "And here I thought you were a gentleman."

"Enough games. You and I are going to take a walk -- just around the block."

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