The Path Made of Dirt
The Path Made of Dirt

 a path made of dirt stories

ravenclaw_nerd A 15 year old dreamer 💕
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A metaphorical poem about life

The Path Made of Dirt

A journey through time On a path made of dirt A trip for just one A trip filled with hurt

A dirt path is not pretty It's messy and dirty There are things you could trip on And make you cry "mercy"

The bugs will be out The poison plants too You may be left frightened Or not know what to do

The berries will trick you their bright colors gleam they look to be edible but it's part of their scheme

The tree roots will trip you on the rocks you will bleed You will be left sightless by dust and sunbeams

But if you look closely Through the pain and the hurt You'll notice the beauty On the path made of dirt

The trees offer shade when you're tired and weary The birds offer song Though the day may be dreary

Animals walk by Perhaps looking for food From them you could learn something That you never knew

The flowers wave gently In the light summer breeze They offer their beauty To those who will see

The sun offers warmth And life for what breathes It lights up your path And helps you walk free

The rivers rush on It sing as it goes It carves out a path And refreshes what grows

So look for the beauty Through the hardship and hurt There's a lot more than pain On the path made of dirt

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