Skipping School
Skipping School dreams stories

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Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy this one's kind of simple.

Skipping School

I woke up on a Thursday morning. I was a mess. Last night I stayed up so late, I passed out before I could finish my homework. I got dressed quickly and ran out the door.

My mom told me I was gonna be late. "Get in the car!" She yelled from across the yard. She was checking our mail and running back towards the car.

We got in and she dropped my off on the side of the building, right in front of my classroom. It was a small school. Not many students, I knew everyone's name.

I walked into the building to find my teacher busy with a video playing. I decided it wasn't worth it. It didn't feel like a Thursday. All Thursdays feel like Saturdays.

I sat down on the other side of the hallway, on top of a few metal boxes and bins. A head peeked up beside me and I gasped, refraining from screaming.

I got ahold of myself and stared at the girl as she stood up, helping up another kid, her brother. I knew this girl. Serina, from classroom 6C, the class I passed every day in the hall.

Her brother, a grade older, Mattieus, room 7B. I blinked, realized I was staring. I introduced myself. "Oh, we know." Serina said quickly. Somehow, they knew me already. Creepy.

Mattieus sat down on a bin across from me, as Serina sat on the floor, looking up to me (literally and otherwise). I started up a conversation. "What are you guys doing here anyway?" I asked.

"Late." Said Mattieus. "Time-out but my teacher forgot about me." Said Serina. She looked at the ground sadly. "And him?" I asked, pointing to another boy laying down. "We don't know.

We think he's asleep." I nodded. He wasn't asleep. He'd be more relaxed. His breath was short and slow, like he was trying to hold it in. His shoulders were tense. He wanted to be left alone.

They began talking again, and as I watched him, the boy peered over his shoulder towards me. I smiled sympathetically. "Wanna join us?" I asked, patting the bin.

He sat up and, to my surprise, he laughed for a minute, then started nodding. He sat down next to us and I recognized him. Jaiden from 7C.

We got hungry and snuck into the cafeteria a few minutes later. We stuffed our faces full of mini pancakes, baked with syrup! They were possibly my favorite school food.

A while later, we all fell asleep. It was already 8 by then, but we all woke up around 6. We were exhausted. We passed out on a few cushioned booths, reserved for the 8th graders.

I woke up and put away our stuff, cleaning up our mess so it looked like we weren't there.

I grabbed some soft winter jackets from lost and found and put them over them like blankets, then used one for myself. The school seemed like it was silent for the first time in forever.

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