precipitation rain stories

rationalrash i write when im bored. bad writing.
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jump into puddles


the ground was sliding out from beneath my feet. my breaths were overshadowed by the drops hitting the concrete. my skin poured in cold, dusty drops of sky was covered in skids and scrapes.

almost like a waterfall, there was almost no room to breathe.

in the dark and crispy night, each sight of the black and frozen void of clouds and navy cut into my eyes, filling me with more fear than this rain could ever cause.

there was nowhere, absolutely no place where i could keep cover for a moment. vision was blurry and painful and i felt like i was sinking.

sinking into the flood that filled up this void, this container, this inevitable vessel. 'i'm drowning,' i said to myself and knew. theres nowhere to hide. 'i'm not dying,

why am i not dying?' i wanted to die. it was the feeling of being pulled underneath the water, never let up, but still not dying. i felt the earth tremble in laughter; laughter directed at me.

nothing was filling up, but everything was filling up. 'let me drown.' i cry.

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