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rationalrash i write when im bored. bad writing.
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good for the environment


he walked down the aisles of crystal, dragging the tips of his nails against the glass. he touched from smooth plains to the rough bumps of framing.

on the other side of the windows, it was gray and smoggy and rainy. the panes were cool to the touch, yet the air felt warm. like a sauna.

he sat down, hugging his legs, breathing heavily as everything became more suffocating. the grasses and lavender were his lifeline.

lightheaded, he stumbled towards the door that looked as the same as the walls, windows, ceiling and floor.

with a firm shove, the cold and humid air flooded his lungs, and he looked back to the homey prison, or maybe it's a prison-like home?

with a deep breath, he decided that his lungs and bloodstream will be filled with the thick smog and fumes instead of the green jungles in the glass.

and with a prayer, he leaped into the void and never landed.

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