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Want to write a story but don't know how to start? I've got some ideas/beginnings of stories you can use!!

Story Ideas

by RatedEG

Wuzzup guys!! Want to write a story but don't know how to start? Read on! I've supplied many beginnings and ideas you can use for stories!

If you use or use a similar idea found here and you are on wattpad, you should send me a link to your story so I can check it out!! I'd love to see what you have wrote!!

I am Rated_EG on wattpad


Royal in one country, but slave in another.

Her Thief: the thief who stole her heart

His Fool: the fool who fell for him

The demon who fell in love with an angel (and vice versa)

"This love was never meant to be." "I don't care if this breaks the rules of Heaven and Hell! I love you!" "I...I'm sorry. Love between Angels and Demons was just never meant to be. Goodbye!"

They called him a hero. But how is he considered a hero when his sword is stained with blood?

If she had never answered the phone that day, this never would have happened. They would never have died.

A princess who is protected by a dragon

Even demons have a heart

"You need a place to rule. You need a place to rule fast. However, kingdoms can't be build within a day." "No. But they can be taken within one."

"So... this is the end between us, isn't it?" "Yeah... I guess it is." "I never stood a chance, did I? It was never meant to be." "Here's the catch. You had a chance once, many times actually. But you never took it."

They tell me my dreams will come true, but they forget nightmares are dreams, too.

Satan is a girl (Satana) and comes to earth where she finds a boy and slowly falls for him, all the while knowing he's the son of God (not Jesus) and he thinks she's a normal human.

He watched with fearful eyes as she pulled the knife from her chest. Her skin bubbled as the wound healed and disappeared without a trace. "Was that supposed to hurt me?" she sneered with a smile.

"Why do you keep hurting yourself?" "Because pain is the only way to know I'm still human."

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