Bite Me
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Quotev story excerpt from 'Bite Me', werewolf story

Bite Me

by RatedEG

This is an excerpt from my story on quotev, called 'Bite Me'

My username is RatedEG if you want to read it. It currently has three chapters, and I'm working on the fourth as of 2/27/17.

'Bite Me' is a werewolf story if you're confused.

Enjoy :)

"What's so bad about being blonde?!" I explode at him.

"Being blonde has nothing to do with me!

I'm not some stereotype!

I'm not some [girl] who spreads their legs for every man they see!

Why don't you get to know me?!

I want to know more about you!

About what you like, what you hate, what you like to do in your free time, everything!

I want to be your mate!

Why can't you even let me try?"

My pride slowly washes away, the mate bond coming through. Adria howls in pain with each word I say, trying to persuade our mate to accept me, to accept us.

His face is emotionless, not even the quiver of his eyes.

"I don't want a mate."

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This portends to be an interesting story. Great post!