The dark sound of steel prologue (chapter 1)
The dark sound of steel prologue (chapter 1) fallout stories
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rasheedlaaksone 26 old dude from finland, also a furfag.
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the prologue of my book that I have written fully, containing around 25 chapters.


The dark sound of steel prologue (chapter 1)


"In the land of sun & blood"

Written by:

Rasheed D&L Laaksonen

Book 1

"The dark sound of steel"



"Through the dust"


(Music: Book of Eli - Panoramic)

Year 2276 22nd of May

It was that feeling.

That feeling that would never be forgotten. The warm, sharp sand flowing around them each minute of it all. A ride through the sky that had felt like an eternity.

The shaking emotions that roared inside each individual, soul-bound together as family. The sounds.

The echoing hum of the metal cutting the air, keeping them safe from whatever was under them right now. Not that it mattered.

The storm made it impossible for anyone to witness anything down on the ground. It had to be the most blinding sandstorm that year. There were many. But this one was exceptional. It had this...

This unexplainable beauty in it. Calming. New beginning. Not wanted but forced. All of this was feeling like it was meant to happen... And on the other hand, it didn't.

None of them wanted this, even if it was seen by many as the best option.

There was no telling would they find the shelter, the peace from the danger, even if they would find what they were looking for. One of them was more than sure, that it was...

That's why she wasn't scared.

"... Mom... Y - you are coming with us, r- right?"

The shaking voice breaking the long silence cut the tension of sorrow of these souls aboard.

The question that had been spoken, was by young, brown husky, looking at the blue eyes of his mother with fear in his voice.

The fear held already the answer in it, the young boy of nine years already knowing the answer, even if she would try to convince him otherwise.

The young husky was tugging into his mother's side, still wanting to hear it from her. She never lied. That was her quality.

But as the elderly, beautiful looking female fox was looking at her son, she couldn't get the words out. That look, begging for her to go with them.

As if it wasn't already hard for her, life had to do this to her. She then raised her gaze to look at in front of her slowly.

There she met that look right away. The gentle dark green eyes of her husband, the brown, roguish old husky looking at her fox wife right back. She expected to see a smile on him...

Charlie always had that reassuring smile, telling her everything would be okay. This time... It wasn't there. No trace of it.

It was just him, trying to be strong as he always was, looking at her right back as the small child of theirs was still waiting for the mother to answer. The pain of knowing.

Knowing that he might never see her again. The small ones didn't know... But Charlie did. This was it. End of the line. From light to dark. After everything, he had done... This was his reward.

Sickening, twisted fate.

"Dad... I don't want to go... I want to go back home...

I'm scared!

" The small fox kit of the age of eight next to his father said, looking at his own mother in tears just like his big brother,

his father tightening the grip around his other son as he felt the young one shaking from fear, not able to see anything but the roaring sandstorm around them.

Charlie could see how his amazing soul mate, his wife, was losing her cool every single second, trying not to break.

She took this harder than anyone aboard in this flying machine, the machine that was scaring the kits each second. They had seen this machine many times, conquering the sky...

But they had never been on it. Charlie side hugged his crying son harder, talking with that tone.

That warm and strong tone that made Emily, his wife, fall in love with him all over again every time she heard it.

"... Ryan... One day you will understand... You will... We love you so much... She..."

Suddenly, the voice of so far unheard mammal aboard spoke, cutting Charlie off.

"Scribe Emily... Three minutes left until our destination. Eye's ready and get ready to land. Paladin Willis, lower the altitude. Scanners ready."

The formal info given by the male badger that was sitting next to the vertibird driver, cut the tension and sorrow-filled moment,

breaking Emily's focus from her son's and her husband for a moment, making her gather her breathing as she answered back with a calm voice, trying to act professional.

"... Y- yes... Understood, Paladin Rex.

" Emily answered, cutting her gaze back to her husband who was still looking at her, his gaze proud that Emily wasn't breaking down, still holding it together.

Suddenly the small brown husky boy spoke again next to his fox mother, asking with shaking voice again while holding her paw like he never wanted to let go.

"W-where are we going? M - mom? Why can't you come with us? A- are you coming later?"

Those crying eyes looking at her right now, begging for an answer was driving Emily back to the edge of losing herself into sorrow again, answering back with a forced smile,

brushing the ears of her son.

"Somewhere safe... Dion... Your father and brother will take care of you... I'm so sorry... I know that you can be strong... You both are-"

"I don't want you to be sorry, I want you to come with us!

" The small fox kit next to his father yelled to her, not able to hold himself to totally breaking down and crying again,

feeling his dad take his shaking and broken son into a hug as he was starting to soothingly calm him down.

"Shhhh, Ryan... We are doing this for HER... She can't come with us."

"But I don't understand! What did we do wrong? We haven't done anything bad!" The kit yelled and cried into his father's chest, soaking the leather gear of his into tears.

"Ryan, please look at me," Emily spoke out with a trembling voice, feeling her eyes starting to water as she tried to say anything. She needed to comfort Ryan somehow.

She had done it as a mother more times than she could count as a loving mother... But this time... Even Charlie, her strong husband, couldn't change this situation with words.

To help in any way. Not this time.

All he felt was the unjust done to him. Hatred. Pure, burning hatred.

He had done right for everyone. He had just followed orders... He...

He saved everyone.

Only to be ripped into a thousand pieces.

To see his sons in fear and panic they had never experienced in their lives.

To see the most important female in his life is a complete loss of words. Broken. Defeated.

To be separated from everything she held dear.


"Scribe Emily... We are landing. Everyone hold on carefully..." Paladin Willis said, the lynx starting to flip switches of the machine.

The time had vertibird was slowing its altitude every second, the feeling of twist in the stomach taking them all as the huge metallic machine was doing it's usual,

dramatic entrance on the surface.

Suddenly the middle-aged brown husky, still looking at his wife while holding Ryan against his side and brushing the fur between his ears, felt himself woken up to the living moment.

Rex had laid his paw carefully on his shoulder, having stood up from his seat.

"Charlie... Cover the kits from the sand, the doors are opening. It's time... I'm sorry." Rex said with an official, strong voice.

But Charlie could see the emotion that is held in, which was rare from the brave, battle-hardened soldier like Rex himself. But it was there. Offering nothing but sympathy.

The hurt look in the badger's eyes, apologizing silently that there was no time for hugs anymore. He needed to be alert.

They were in the red zone now. And here not being alert...

Gets you killed.

"... Thank you, Rex." Charlie nodded with a determined nod, feeling himself gathered for what was coming next.

Rex gave a quick one back and walked back to the pilot.


" Twenty feet, Paladin."

"Copy that," Rex said, clicking the switch on top of him, the light next to it turning green.

"Emily," Charlie noted carefully, taking out the small rag of cloth from next to him, covering Ryan with it.

The female fox, holding in her tears had to get herself together, quickly hassling with the cloth that was next to her as well, covering Dion with it.

"Mom, what is happening?!" Dion asked in a scared tone, the sound of question muffled as his mouth was partly covered by the cloth.


The roaring sound of wind started to come in, the sand attacking them from all sides.

It got everywhere in the passenger area, both adults having closed their eyes to protect their sight and feeling some of the sand entering their ears as well.

Despite holding their breath some, it was making Emily cough a bit as it was impossible not to breathe it in as they were landing.

"Twelve feet!" The lynx announced loudly.

"Hold on tight everyone. We almost done." Rex said quickly over his shoulder.

"The scanners are jammed because of the sand storm... Goddamnit. Paladin, I suggest immediate area securing.

The heartbeat sensors don't signify of any people around, but you know the equipment isn't on it's sharpest in this weather. Ten seconds till landing," The pilot lynx warned.

Charlie stood up, having listened over his shoulder while still not able to take his eyes off his wife, Emily looking at him as well and clearly uneasy, Dion full-on crying against her.

Ryan was so quiet. Charlie had to make sure everything was alright with his son, peeking under the cloth a bit.

His son had his eyes closed, his paws dug into Charlie's side and clinging onto him, knowing he had to move.

"Ryan... You have to let go for a moment." Charlie apologized.

"No. Don't go!" Ryan whimpered quickly.

"Son... I'll be right back. I promise it to you."

"..." Ryan didn't answer.

"Fifteen seconds!" The pilot yelled.

"Charlie," Rex warned, having already geared up, armed to the teeth and the sounds of heavy weaponry being locked and loaded echoing.

"Hey... Ryan. My brave little soldier." Charlie said with the fatherly tone, peeking small smile, comforting Ryan right at that second.

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