Should I believe in reincarnation?
Should I believe in reincarnation? diary stories

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I'm a 25-year-old working girl who keeps getting flashes of memories that I'm sure aren't mine.

Should I believe in reincarnation?

This 70's rock band's album has been on shuffle for a few days now.

I was listening to it on my way home, enjoying that eargasmic 70's guitar sound when I suddenly saw a split-second yet so clear scene.

I was in a small car repair shop with rusty cars and equipment.

And I was a man on his 30's, wearing an old white shirt, picking up rusty metals on the floor, while the same song was playing in the background. I had no idea where that scene came from.

About two years ago, I was watching a movie that sets in a seaside town in Italy.

In the middle of a scene where a lad was riding his bike, I suddenly saw myself sitting on a veranda at dusk, wearing a blue striped dress while holding a bouquet of wildflowers.

I was a mom in her 40's waiting for her husband to come home. I don't know where I picked that memory from.

This one happened when I was in Highschool. I was in my room one night, doing my homework. When I suddenly saw a city at night while sitting on a rooftop, wearing a green beanie.

At that scene, I know I was a teenager boy who ran away from home. It was nowhere related to the homework I was doing.

Those are just a few of those moments I clearly remember up to this day, but I've had a lot of those flash of scenes that I had no idea where I got.

Sometimes I was an old farmer in the 19th century, a boy wearing a little tux while running in a garden, or sometimes a lady smoking on a street while wearing so little clothing. There were tons of them.

I try to convince myself that my imagination might just be too playful. Or it's a side effect of too much internet.

But what if those were actually memories of my past lives? What if reincarnation is real and my soul has been wandering through decades?

Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing this.

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