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Fell was captured by Nightmare, he was trying to take over all the AU's but he needed somebody bad ass to help him. Fell refused but Nightmare wouldn't take it a answer... Fell was now infected by Nightmare, crying coughing black goo that turned into red. He tried to take off the goo but it kept on growing. Whenever Fell gave up with his left side of his body

fully covered in red sticky goo."Now obey me, pet." Nightmare said chuckling."Y-yes sir..." Fell said with his eyes full of tears." Since you obey me go kill the original Frisk" Nightmare said smiling evilly,"N-NO." Fell yelled answering before the red goo did."What did you say you little fucking brat?!" Nightmare said picking up Fell's shirt to lift Fell up in a painful way.

Fell tried to escape his grasp, which he failed to."I will kill you and your brother if you don't listen to me." Nightmare said dropping Fell. Fell nodded and was giving some strange strings that were red with some blue faded."How do I use these?" Fell asked,"When you are in a battle use it to trap the souls and bring them back to me, to see you finish them." Nightmare said chuckling.

Fell nodded and teleport to the original AU. Fell went looking for Frisk. People were staring at Fell walk by with the strings. He found Frisk with Flowey."Fight me now." Fell said getting ready,"But I shouldn't fight you! I haven't killed nobody!" Frisk said scared as heck." I will fight you weekling!" Flowey said with that evil black goo face. When Flowey was about to

attack Fell used the red strings that Nightmare gave to him."L-let F-Flowey 𝗚𝗢." Frisk screamed hitting Fell doing no damage at all."I can't kiddo..." Fell said starting to tear up. Frisk had to save Flowey, she got out her soul, Fell wiped his string but she didn't got hit by it."Oh, not giving up? This will just make it harder to 𝐋𝐈𝐕𝐄." Fell said moving fast to make it look like he have

made clones of himself. Frisk was looking at all of the "clones" that Fell made to make Frisk focus on the ground. Fell jumped without Frisk noticing and used his string, grabbing Frisks soul. Frisk was crying, struggling to escape."You now kiddo if you keep trying to escape it will be a shame to not kill you in front of the boss and kill you now~." Fell said tightening Frisks string a bit.

Fell teleport to Nightmare to show that he got Frisk and a monster,"Excellent job pet~, I will thank you later~~" Nightmare said looking at Frisk and Flowey.

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