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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Part 1

Only A Tool

"I love you!" Logan said to our main character. Emily (the main character) yelled "OMG I LOVE YOU TOO!"

For the next few weeks, Logan has been treating Emily like she is just air.

"Babe! I want to have a job." Emily said to Logan one day, Logan looked at Emily and smirked.

"Only if I get to pick it. But you must tell me why you want a job." Logan said, with a bigger smirk.

"I want a job to take all the bad thoughts out of my head!" Emily said, looking at her so-called lover.

"Ok am gonna get you signed up, but you can not quit until you die," Logan said grabbing his phone.

Emily squealed knowing she was finally getting a job."Ok, babe, I need a picture of you." Logan said staring at Emily, drooling.

Logan gave some clothes for the picture to Emily."I don't feel comfortable in these clothes..." Emily said, looking at the clothes showing a lot of skin.

"Too bad." Logan said, taking a picture of Emily at all kinds of angles.

Logan sends the pictures to somebody who has a strip club. The man answered an hour later saying Emily is in.

The next day Emily went to the bar, she had shivers about this place."Ahh welcome." The stranger said.

"Today, we need to teach you how to pole dance." The manager who's name is Gabel.

"POLE DANCE?!" Emily screamed sweating, she never wants a job like this!

Oki, am done with this part and I will try to do part 2 soon this week! I hope you all like it, bye!

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