Only A Tool
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Part 2 (10+ since there's gonna be a bit of sexual content, but not much.)

Only A Tool

{What Has Happen} "Today we need to teach you how to pole dance." The manager said who's name is Gabel. "POLE DANCE?!" Emily screamed sweating, she never wants a job like this!

"I... I don't want to do a job like this!" Emily said, trying to escape.

"You can't leave, we own your soul now~..." Gabel says with the biggest smirk in the whole wide world.

Emily gasped when Gabel touched a BIG no-no spot on Emily. Emily tried to smack him, but Gabel grabbed her hand.

"Now, that's not how we treat daddy~ is it?" Gabel said, picking up Emily.

"W-what are you going to do with" Emily asks as scared as a mouse.

"What do you think, I give you a hint... nude." Gabel said, taking Emily to a closet.

With Emily sobbing so hard while she was being tortured, somebody heard.

"Oh, somebody fell down to the rabbit hole." The strange person said, about to open the door.

"STOP IT DICKHEAD." The stranger yelled. He has made it in time.

With Emily naked, lying down on the floor, with saliva on her neck. The man crouched down.

Emily crawled backwards from the man. The man gave her a rag to wipe the saliva off.

"I-... uh thank you." Emily said shaking the man's hand. The man smiled.

"What's your name?" Emily asks the man."My name is Adam, but they here call me Blue Steel." Adam said.

"You may want to start practising the pole dancing... unless you want another 'punishment'..." Adam said walking away.

"O-ok." Emily said, getting up about to leave the closet.

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