Helping Because I Love You Dipper x Bill
Helping Because I Love You

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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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A long title but a sad begging to a ending, but its not the end.

Helping Because I Love You Dipper x Bill

{Bill POV} "Hey Pinetree! I need to as-" I said feeling confident,"I d-don't want to t-talk now Bill..." Dipper said looking more sadder."You can tell me anything Pinetr-" I started to say,"NO YOUR JUST A VILLAIN, YOU CAN'T BE A GOOD GUY." Dipper said tightening his knuckle's. I was broken, we been friends for a long time... what happened to him?

I walked away, I felt something watery coming out of my eye's but I didn't care. {Dipper POV} "W-WAIT BILL I DIDN'T WANT TO SAY THAT" I yelled hoping Bill would come back or at least turn around. He kept on going, like I said nothing..."BILL" I yelled one more time while I felt tears going down my cheek. I felt heartbroken,

this never happen before... Am I the one to blame? I texted Mabel to come over to me so I can talk to her. {Mabel POV} "Whats up Dip" I asked,"I said something that I regret to Bill" Dipper said looking like he has been crying."What did you say, it can't be that bad" I said hoping it would comfort my twin," I-I-I told him that he's a villain so he can't be the good guy" Dipper said

with disappointment in his eyes, looking like he is about to cry again,"Its okay bro, we all make mistakes" I said with a warm smile on my face. {Dipper POV} I slammed my face into the wall when Mabel left,"I can't do anything right" I said with tears slowly going down my cheeks."Everything would be fine if I didn't said that" I said banging harder on the wall.

I stopped and went to the kitchen. I pulled up my sleeve to see a lot of my scars I made, I covered it back up."No, I should die, Bill will be happier if I died" I said sobbing, I had the giant knife about to go in my stomach, but Bill took it."No, don't you dare kill yourself"

I hoped you like this fanfic, sorry the title is long tho =P. One of the reasons this is made is to torture Bill and Dipper >:3. Byeee (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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