Fight For The Light
Fight For The Light stuffed animals stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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A story of two animals with humans quality. After the incident people of gone insane, and dropped a bomb on the world. With groups and groups helping others to survive. This is the story of Goldie and Shadow. (Base on my two favorites stuff animals, a blue bat called Shadow and a blonde bear named Goldie.)

By: ransdom_fujohi

Fight For The Light

by ransdom_fujohi

" COME ON, WE NEED TO DO THIS!" Shadow screamed, fluttering his wings through the icy storm." THERE IS NO POINT TO DO THIS, LETS JUST GO TO A CAVE AND SLEEP.

" Shadow's friend, Goldie yelled sniffing.

" NO, WE CAME TOO FAR GOLDIE." Shadow roared back feeling the wind winning and making him fly slower and slower. Shadow finally lost the fight between flying in the storm and collapsed.

Goldie picked him up with his mouth, carefully not hurting him. He walks to the nearest cave he could notice.

Shadow wakes up feeling warm. Goldie was snuggling him to keep them both warm. Shadow nudges Goldie hoping he will wake up. He didn't," G...

Goldie?" Shadow said, still nudging Goldie, harder, hoping it would wake him up.

Goldie gently opens his eyes. With Shadow sobbing, Goldie hugged him." I-I thought I lost y-you..." Shadow said, still worried, and was still weeping." Am sorry I made you worry.

" Goldie responded still holding Shadow.

They both stare outside, with the green dropped to yellow sky, and blue fogs. Both of them could not forget how this happened.

Millions of family died, animals being able to talk and walk like humans. Being attacked by every single thing. No peace, not much food, and no trust equal no society.

" I think we can finally move to see if theirs any survivors left." Goldie said, looking at Shadow." Yeah same, the intense snowstorm finally moved away." Shadow said, starring back at Goldie.

Shadow kisses Goldie for a bit then looks elsewhere.

With Goldie, flustered from the kiss. Shadow finally spoke," Come on, we don't know if a different event would begin." Shadow said, jumping in the air starting to flap his wings.

Goldie nodded and followed Shadow.

" We must fight, fight for the light. And help everyone who needs help." Shadow said, flying to the woods." Yup, we must fight for our sanity.

" Goldie replied smiling, still not forgetting the kiss. A year passed and Goldie and Shadow are now a couple.

A decade has passed and Shadow's long lost sister ran to him, saying," It's me! Your lost sister bro!" But Shadow only looked at her confused

She got angry... M A D. She broke into Shadow's house and slit his neck. Shadow was screaming, but couldn't be heard.

That week Goldie has said his last "I love you" and "Goodbye" and committed suicide.

But finally, they could be together, forever. And ever sleep peacefully, just like they wanted. ~T H E E N D~

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