Fell For You (Kustard Ship)
                    Fell For You

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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Fell For You (Kustard Ship)

Sans: *Knocks door* Fell: *Opens door fast* WHAT DO YOU WANT SA- *Falls* Sans: *Catches Fell* I guess you FELL for me. Fell: Ha you got me. Sans: Anyway do you want to go to Swap Paps place? He said he wanted for us all to meet up there. Fell: Why did he not text me though?

Sans: He said his phone was dead. Fell: Okay let me see if boss approve this first so I will be right back. *Closes door* ~A minute later Fell: My boss said fine. Sans: Okay... See you there then. Fell: Yup, meet you there. Sans: *Teleports to SwapTale*

Fell's Mind: Holy fucking shit I think am in love. Edge (aka Fell!Papyrus): GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND. Fell: Y-Y-YES BOSS SIR *teleports to SwapTale* Orange (aka.Swap!Papyrus): Sup Fell. Fell: Sup. Blueberry: I just finished making tacos~, anybody wants some?

Everybody (except Blue): Sure Blue. Who hates tacos? Swap!Chara: Well... I like them but if you have them like all the time it kinda makes me sad. Orange: Aren't you supposed to be at original Frisk's place...? Blueberry: Go human! Have fun. Orange: So how is everybody's AU going?

Fell: Its still like hell. Sans: Is it as HOT as you? Orange: Is that a flirt or a pun...? Fell: *Blushes hard* Sans: I do not know. Fell: THEN WHY EVEN SAY IT BONEHEAD?! Sans: *Shrugs* Fell's Mind: My flipping god Sans is so flipping sexy...

Haha lets do this GIF cuz why not.

Will Orange find out that Fells in love with Sans?

Wil Sans make more Puns that makes Fell fall for him even more?

Find out in the next part!

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