A Softie For You Undnye x Toriel 1
A Softie For You
Undnye x Toriel
 a softie for you stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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A Softie For You Undnye x Toriel 1

Undyne: Hey Torie- *Trips and falls on Toriel* O-OH... AM S-SORRY.... Toriel: I can forgive you if we are not in the position... *Blushes* Undyne: Oh! Am so sorry my queen... *Gets up* Chara: I am gonna tell Sans what I just saw~!

Undyne: NO NO NO NO NO. HE WILL REMEMBER IT FOREVERR!!!! Chara: Don't care~~! Toriel: Its fine, we all are gonna die someday so it won't be remembered. Undyne: Hey, your right~! Toriel: So... um... got to do some... uh... queen stuff byee!

Undyne: Oh... okay, byee. Swap Papyrus: Wow looks like somebody got a crush~ Undyne: NO I DON'T. Swap Papyrus: Sounds like it~. Undyne: WHY YOU LITTLE... Swap Papyrus: Welp, am leaving this place. Byee.

Frisk: Are you okay Undyne? You look kinda sad. Undyne: Oh... am fine, am fine Frisk. Frisk: No your not, please tell me whats wrong... Undyne: I think... I think am in love with Toriel... Sans: Wow I just heard that~ now I will tell the queen~~.

Undyne: D-DON'T. I WILL DO ANYTHING! Sans: Tell Papyrus that Swap Papyrus loves him. Frisk: Sans! That is just too... is that true? Sans: Yup, I over heard him saying it to Swap me. Undyne: Okay sir...

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