A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 2 <3
A Helping Hand
                       Luigi x Bowser
Part 2 <3 luigixbowser stories
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ransdom_fujohi ... Back to depression...
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Luigi get's kidnapped by Waluigi, oh god. 13+ pls, unless your use to this.

A Helping Hand Luigi x Bowser Part 2 <3

{Waluigi POV} HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHLuigi should be all over on ME not BOWSER! HE'S A FUCKING MONSTER, WHO WOULD TALK TO A FUCKING MONSTER?!?! WHEN THEY COULD HAVE MWA?... You. Will. Be. MINE. ALL MINE."MwhahahahahahahHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" I yelled." I think I heard something Bowser" Luigi said looking out the window.*Gulp*

{Luigi POV} As I was walking outside a hand quickly went over my mouth. I tried to scream, but I couldent. Rope tied my hands together. I tried to run," Shhhh, you will be mine soon, wife" I heard right by my ear. He picked me up and ran into a sewer. He took his hand off and put some duct tape on my mouth. I looked up at him, it was Waluigi. He slowley took my clothes off. He was blushing with hungry eyes.

{No one's POV} Waluigi was kissing Luigi's neck to his dick, Waluigi was licking Luigi's dick as if it was a popsicle. Waluigi started to take his clothe's off quickly. Waluigi took the duct tape off of Luigi's mouth he forced his dick in Luigi's mouth. Waluigi's liquid getting out of Luigi's mouth, Luigi was trying to force Waluigi's dick out of his mouth. He did it, Luigi ran out of the sewer's and ran to Bowser.

{Bowser POV} I saw Luigi running to me nude. I was blushing very hard." B-B-Bowser Waluigi... raped me" Luigi stumbled. I was filled with rage,"Let's get you some clothes before Mario takes it the wrong way" I said quickly before I get a nose bleed. I gave him oversize clothes because... well, we aren't the same size."Sorry it couldent be better" I said."Its fine" Luigi said with a fake smile.

CLIFFHANGER >:DD. Part 3 coming out soon! If you love this make sure to like and follow!(Also so sorry about the crazy scene XD) Bye~!

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