Trapped stories

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Just a very small short story.


There was a young boy who was force to leave England and move to France with his parents.

The suffering of losing his twin brother caused Iris to become a quiet-spirit misanthrope.

He managed his time by becoming obsessed with art.

Years passed as Iris grew older, his parents grown older and weaker. He knew their time was coming near.

Iris grew tired of his family leaving him one by one. He was soon being threatened by loneliness.

Iris hoped that someday he would be able to save the live images of the people or objects to enliven his pictures.

With years of studying, he has become obsessed with Parapsychology and hopes to make interesting modifications to his camera.

When Iris told his friends he had found a way to capture souls in his pictures, they just laughed and shamed him.

"That is impossible! What on earth are you thinking!?"

"You came all this way, and you want to humor us with this nonsense!?"

"Keep talking like that, you'll never be accepted in the science community."

Iris tried his hardest to convince the public he has founded a way but nobody took him seriously.

It was then his 'friends' started to notice that everyone whose picture was taken by Iris has disappeared without a trace.

Pandemonium has risen in the streets of Paris, France.

When a angry-stricken mob forced their way into Iris residence, he was nowhere to be found.

On the wall of his studio, however, were all kinds of lifelike portraits of people that seemed to be looking right at them.

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