Whipped Cream
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Poetry about whipped cream...

Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream A poem by randomwriter

Mountains of cream Whipped like a dream

Light like a cloud Sighing so loud

It's heavenly bliss Like a snow angel's kiss

Perfectly appealing A beautiful feeling

Like soft gentle lips Others it shall eclipse

Bright with a glow Luscious, and to a tempo

It taunts and it flaunts Banishing all other wants

A dollop here, a dollop there It captures your mind and stare

Gaze focused firmly on the wonder In a trance, you are put under

Succumb and abandon all thought Lest your longings be all for naught

A haiku about whipped cream: Piled on my dessert As a glorious mountain It complements sweets

Isn't whipped cream just breathtakingly stunning? (In the split second before inhaling it lol) Next time you see some whipped cream, try to admire it first. Notice the gentle details and features, how it glows, the lovely shape and delicate waves and folds. Admire it first and truly enjoy its beauty, texture, and taste.

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