Time Has Flown
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I'm back after a long time! Here's a... very slightly dark story after a looong while!

Time Has Flown

Oh no! I've been away for a few months, but I'm back now. Things have been super busy, and I never found the time to come on. Welp, I'm here now, and hopefully I can post new stories often. I really missed Commaful!

So, here's a quick story! (I didn't know what to write and randomly came up with this, so it's terrible. There's probably also a ton of unexplained holes in it, but... whatever! I'll get the hang of it again soon!)

Derek sighed. He slumped lower in the pale black couch, desperately trying to imagine that he was a normal kid, watching TV and munching on chips.

He tried imagining that the bare white walls around him were actually colorful and had paintings and old drawings hanging on.

If he concentrated really hard, he thought he could smell cookies and lasagna from behind him, as well as the sound of birdsong and the cheerful, happy barks of a dog.

But alas, Derek was not normal.

He lived in a small cube-shaped room that was empty except for the single black couch, bright, glaring lights from the ceiling, a mirror, part of the wall in front of the couch,

and a small slot in which food and drink entered. Derek had no idea how he had gotten here. It was a jumbled, foggy mess.

He just knew that up until age 10, he'd been normal, and he remembered everything from those first 10 years of his life.

But after that, something that he couldn't place had happened, causing him to lose his memory of why and how he was in the white room.

Despite his odd circumstances and hazy memory, Derek wasn't stupid. He knew that people were probably studying him from behind that mirror, watching his every move.

He might have been part of a science experiment, one that studied people in isolation.

Maybe an incident had happened, and for either his safety, his family's, or possibly both, he had to stay here. Derek whimpered.

He missed his mother, her bright smile, her frizzy light brown hair- or was it black? Red? Derek couldn't remember.

Before, he could name every small detail about his mother, whom he'd missed so much. Yet as the days passed, minuscule memories escaped his mind.

Now, he hadn't even the vaguest idea of what his mother was like. It was like his slowly declining memory had suddenly given up completely. Derek frowned.

He didn't remember his father, either.

Or- or- he didn't remember anything about his old life at all! What was his name again? De-Darryl? Damien? Dmitri? Derek's eyes went wide, and he lifted his hands to clench his hair.

His teeth gritted, Derek panicked. What was going on? What was- why was-? To his shock, the wall/mirror swung open, revealing three men in lab coats. Derek scrambled backwards in apprehension.

One of the men approached Derek and asked, "Tell me, what do you remember?" Derek grimaced, and wailed, "Nothing! Who am I? Who are you? Why don' t I know anything?"

The man who had approached turned to the two other men. "Accelerated memory loss confirmed. Now we just wait for the confusion to die."

Derek looked back and forth between the men, worried. "I- I... uh..." His panic faded. He stood up, straightening his back, eyes blank.

"Assignment complete," the man stated monotonously. He commanded his men, "Now lift him to the transportation vehicle. No forms of restraint necessary." The two henchmen nodded, and obeyed.

Derek simply allowed himself to be lifted. His eyes were glassy and unfocused. "Success with the boy," the head man said into a device. "Three years...

three whole entire years after the beginning of the project, he has finally succumbed. Awaiting further instruction on where to send the drone." Derek listened without understanding.

Derek was no more; he had disappeared along with his memories. The lab men had won this time.

Aaaand, that's the terrible ending of a terrible short story! Oh well, I should have known. That's what happens when my main goal is simply to just get out a story. I didn't plan any part of it AT ALL. Welp, enough of my negativity. Hope y'all have a nice day and are inspired to write way better than me!

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