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The Adventures of Stardude, a reluctant hero! Chapter 2!

Stardude Part 2

S T A R D U D E 2 C H A P T E R 2

Previously on Stardude... just read part 1! Okay, fine, I will explain.

Jack Aster, or jacka**, as many call him, got blasted with some unique radiation when his house was zapped away (but the scientists' organization replaced it with a house designed exactly the same) and got superpowers.

He broke out of the facility with scientists watching him and ran into the forest. Now we see what happened next. Warning: Jack will be cussing a little, but I use replace some letters with *.

Hummingbirds. They flitted all around me, smothering me with their colorful feathers and flowery scent. One left the group, and soon the others followed.

Why were they leaving? I opened my mouth to call after them, but my mouth was dry, hot, and no sound came out. It wasn't just my mouth that was hot.

The heat spread from my throat to my toes, coursing through my body. I looked at myself and discovered I was glowing brighter each second.

The heat became unbearable, so agonizing to the point that- "Garhh!" I sat up with a jolt, panting heavily. Perspiration dripped down my temples. I let out a long sigh to calm myself.

"A dream. Just a dream. Everything's fine." But although it was a dream, I thought I could detect some glowing residue on my hands. I cussed. "Don't lie to yourself, jacka**.

It's not fine!" I clenched my hands and gritted my teeth.

After I had shaken the scientists off my trail yesterday, hungry and weary, I located some branches, made a temporary shelter, and fell asleep glaring at the stars.

Today, I absolutely had to find food and a way out of this forest. I had to see Jimmy, my best friend. He'd know what to do. Aching, I got to my feet and looked around.

Then I began to destroy my temporary shelter and any obvious traces I was here.

I was no scout, so I just hoped that the scientists were too nerdy- or geeky?- to study crushed leaves and snapped twigs to determine my trail. My stomach grumbled, and I winced. Food.

I staggered to a large tree, cursing that I hadn't really been the nature-y type, save for a few hikes I hated, that my dad made me go on long ago. Some plants could be poisonous.

And I didn't have the guts to kill and eat an animal. Though I was pretty certain I could make a fire with my new powers. Unless, of course... I started a brush fire.

Typical, since I'm such a clumsy idiot. Best not stick around in the forest. I should probably, oh, I dunno, get out of here and back to Jimmy and my replacement house.

But- what if the scientists had posted a guard at my 'house'?

A million worries ran through my head until one clear thought rose above the rest: "I'm a crazy and idiotic jacka** that rarely plans ahead. Just wing it and I'm sure to mess up! Fantastic!"

Messing up would be better than zooming into a catastrophe because of my awful plans, so- I just stopped thinking and tried to discover if my powers lent me any speed or flight.

After a bit of experimentation, all the methods failing, I sank to the floor, back against a tree trunk. I tipped my head back and stared at the sky in resignation.

A bird flew by above my head, thrusting its powerful wings behind it to propel itself forward. Something plopped on my head.

I grimaced, and muttered aloud, "Just my luck some bird sh*ts on me." I sat stony-faced, until realization dawned on my idiotic self.

"LIKE THE BIRD!" I burst out, leaping to my feet and sending birds fluttering to the sky in a panic.

Of all the flying methods I had tried, I hadn't tried thrusting my hands towards the ground to propel myself.

Light sparking in my eyes, I summoned some radiation to my palms and shoved my hands towards the forest floor while stretching my body upwards. And what do you know, it...

worked! I thought for sure it would fail, as most things I try do. But not this time. I was up in the air, zooming through the sky.

I discovered that the angle of my fingertips affected my speed- the hard way. I had stretched out my fingers and flew into a bird.

Spitting feathers out of my mouth, cheeks burning, I mumbled an apology to the confused bird and controlled my speed after that.

I also learned that I could steer with my legs- sweep the right leg farther to the right to steer left, and sweep the left leg farther to the left to steer right.

Pretty soon I felt like a natural at this thing- flying, it was. The wind and the view took my breath away, and I wondered if this could be a dream.

But I quickly dismissed the thought- I rarely dreamed such good dreams. They were typically weird and nonsensical, or dark paralyzing nightmares.

Plus the bird's feathers had tasted plenty real. Now to focus. Jimmy. My house.

How would I find them? I couldn't just ask a bird, "Hey, where's Elmdale City? Better yet, where's the guy named Jimmy Ratnier?"

I dared hope that my powers could help me with navigation, but I wasn't ready for that yet. I might incinerate an entire city in the process of finding out how.

I looked down, scanning for a city I could place a call, find a map, and get some food in.

I didn't have my phone even though my clothes were still the same from before this craziness, because it had died and was charging in my bedroom when I'd tripped and got stuck in the wall.

Oh... the wall.

Would the replacement house also have a hole in the wall? And how had Jimmy reacted?

Mentally running through hundreds of possible scenarios ranging from Jimmy's face looking shocked and aghast to him looking unaffected, a look on his face that said, "Yup, that's Jack,

the klutzy idiot", I nearly missed the city. I was flying over Deerdrop City which was right next to Elmdale City. Almost home!

The rest of the flight was uneventful. I tried not to be seen. That's why I landed in a quiet, dark area and ran the rest of the way to my house.

After grabbing the key hidden cleverly in the plastic stag hanging on the door, I unlocked the door, threw it open, and exclaimed, "Jimmy!" The note of urgency in my voice was unmistakable.

I shut the door and locked it behind me once I quickly hid the spare key again, and took a step to search the house for Jimmy.

That was when he walked out of the bathroom, a towel slung over his shoulder. His ginger hair was still wet and dripping, and he only wore pants, no shirt.

"Jack, man, I thought you'd be gone for a few weeks. What are you doing back?" Ah, the excuse the scientists' agency had given Jimmy. "Nice to see you, too," I said. Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"So what happened? Things go wrong?" "Why do you always assume things never go right with me?" "Cause you're you. And there's dirt and leaf scraps on you. And bird poo.

Man, what did you get up to for those six days?" I debated whether to shower first or tell Jimmy the crazy joke that is my life first. I went with the latter, since we were running out of time- the scientists might catch me or something.

I took a deep breath, guided my best friend to a seat, and said, "What I'm about to tell you next may sound a bit crazy..."


If you found this not to be total trash, keep an eye out for part 3, or chapter 3!

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