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Poetry inspired by my experience

Sleep Paralysis

Frozen body locked in place Heart in chest, pounding apace Gripped by extreme terror Wishing this was an error That I don't have to face

Eerie noise heard drawn out Scary presence sensed about By my head it is apposed Lying on back, feeling exposed Unable to let out a scared shout

In a few minutes, it'll be past But I hope this time is the last Asleep yet not, fear so vivid Distressed face is palely livid The fright remains unsurpassed

So this actually happened to me a few days ago, and it was terrifying. It was the first time I ever experienced sleep paralysis, and I was scared to go back to sleep.

So far it hasn't happened again, but just in case, I have some ways to prevent it or end it: -don't sleep on my back -don't go back to sleep right away if I wake up in the middle of the night -focus on my breathing -focus on just moving a finger or something

Yeah. So... bye now.


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