Scattered Petals
Scattered Petals

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randomwriter I hope you have a nice day! ♡ (she/they)
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Forgotten and ignored by all but the sky, the petals weep. (I hope this poem -not all of it rhymes tho- makes sense and it's okay)

Scattered Petals

We were separated and ripped Torn apart and dropped Our secrets fell with us, tight-lipped This destruction must be stopped

A kindred breeze took pity on us Lifted us with wings coated with lust Scarlet was the sky that we painted With the dreams of the tainted

The wind, it carries me, it does The sun, it was on my side, it was The lies, they drown me, yes they do The whispers, they swallow me, it's true

The sun gave up. The clouds rolled in. The thunder, corrupt. The lightning, with sin. Rain dripped down From the heavens were tears. All had wept for the terrible smears.

United with the petals. We thought we were stronger than metal. Proved wrong we were, when we came apart and descended to the floor.

With us came our secrets. With us came our pain. With us came the ache of having no true name. Everyone forgot us. We were just trampled. Stepped on, thrown away, and hurt. We don't know a thing called trust, we're always on the alert.

And so the wind it carried us... it did. The breeze, it took us far away. The views failed to heal our pain. But we learned... and we came to accept and understand. We needed to feel... and feel. and feel and feel and feel

Swept away on our journey we were. Changing forever Eternal in love Painting the skies Painting the skies. Learning to feel and feel. Scattered about. Forgotten about. Wailing aloud. We felt and we feel, now

Scattered and painting And feeling and flying Remembering and knowing We'll never forget as long as we are eternal and in flight painting the skies together and apart We'll always feel. and feel. and feel. and feel and feel and feel~

Yes we will feel across the scarlet sky That's our promise to give

Our promise to keep

We vow that we will never trample on it like- t h e o t h e r s d i d

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