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i answer questions and try to make you laugh :b


Sup everyone! gonna do a Q&A now- (though you could probably already tell from the title)

So, here's the first batch of questions, from @thebookqueen14

1. Fav color? hmmmmmm... I actually don't really have one right now. I sometimes lean towards blue, purple, black (i know it's not really a color, but whatever), and splatters of color The background looks nice, doesn't it?

2. Fav food? delicious food. I prefer noodle soup tho 😋

3. Fav animal? i-i-i must choose!?? I love (not have) a lot of animals... ducks, dogs, cats, chickens, other birds, guinea pigs, etc... (no creepy crawlies tho :b)

4. Fav movie genre? idk- comedy, fantasy? a bit of action and other stuff so basically a combo

5. Fav fruit? um, a lot? i love berries, grapes, cherries, mangos, kiwis, lemons (yes, lemons!) and more. i am a very indecisive hooman

6. Zodiac sign? 'Tis Scorpio! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ♏︎

7. Do u have siblings? nope. 8. How did u find Commaful? i just searched up where I could write stuff and went to check it out. several months later... here I am!

9. Face reveal? Here we go-


3... 2...

3... 2... 1...

LMAOOOOO, I wish I looked this good tbh :b i might do a real face reveal one day, but that'd be far, far away

10. How old is u? 13 I'm gonna turn 14 on November 17th

11. Who are ur Commaful friends? @golden_whisper (my irl friend) @mistexplorer74 and possibly more ppl that I chatted with, but idk if they think of me as their friend. I'd love to be friends with everyone ♡

12. What grade r u in? 9th grade now

13. Why do u like to write? I love it! the words sorta pour out and so I write quickly. I get to be creative and build another world- I get to explore ideas and personalities and stuff- and reading the end result after is like, woah, I made this :o

That's all of the questions from @thebookqueen14 Thank you so much for the questions!

Now moving on to the questions I got from @wrenwrites

1. Foods you can't stand? shrimp (but I like crab tho) and some other stuff 2. Job you would never have? doctor/similar (they're important and appreciated, but it's just not for me)

3. Job you want to have? a computer related one, like programming or cybersecurity or something. and an author ofc ;)

4. Something kinda useless that you're really good at? of course, my mind blanks at this question. :( maybe making origami ninja stars like the one in the background

5. Something cool/that you like and are good at? -Maybe playing piano and guitar? decent at them, but not super good. bass guitar is my fav :D -Making buttery pan fried toast (I made the ones in the background)

6. Something you're not good at that you wish you were? Everything. jk no, but a lot of things, like coding, cooking, drawing, time-management, etc

(I know a teeny bit of Python) you = input("How are you? ") if you == "good": print("Don't lie.") elif you == "terrible": print("Love the honesty!") else: print("Ah. Carry on now.")

7. Favorite music artists? idk, not sure *i'm shrugging right now. yes i am. your eyes deceive you.*

8. Do you like sports? a sports team? nah but like, if I'm the one playing volleyball or badminton or whatever, usually yes. those are fun

9. Fav movies or shows? okay now, they all deserve a lovely gif, so~

-The Umbrella Academy

-Chuck (watch this gif to the end pls)

-Haikyuu!! (the only anime I watch, cuz AtLA and LoK don't count)

10. Unpopular opinions you have? ummmm aaaaaaaahhhhhh my mind draws a blank again :< uh... i-i don't like pajamas? or loose pants? they feel weird

That's it for the questions from @wrenwrites Thank you so much for the questions!

Now here are the questions @mistexplorer74 gave me

1. Percibeth or perachel? . . .

2. I know you said Percibeth, moving on, is diet coke fearsome? Yes! all must tremble before the horror that is diet coke, especially dolphins!

3. Who would you want to kill if you could? the entire crew ;)

3. How do you feel about covid 19? well... terrible, ofc. it's awful. Praying for everyone affected by Covid 19, which is everyone.

4. What's 1+1? 11, duh. I'm good at math 5. 2+2? obviously it's a double date

7. What was question 6? •__• ummmmmmm

6. You didn't answer it yet. Why don't medieval Europeans know how to paint cats? oh yeah, hold on a sec, lemme bust out my time machine and go ask em real quick-

8. Idk man either man, its FREAKY. pls add some pics of the cats. ANYWAY, who is your commaful idol? can i say everyone? well, two are @stevewaldrop and @qimagine Now prepare yourselves for the medieval painted cats-





9. Why are you an alpaca? WHO LEAKED THE SECRET?? -my alpaca identity is confidential- but... *whispers* it's a good life, being an alpaca

10. Are you secretly the government? n-no

11. First impression of me? -someone nice :) i was like, wow, she writes serious stuff and silly stuff, and when we chatted, she was friendly and funny (still is!) -a good person!

12. First person who talked to you on commaful? eeeek, i have a terrible memory i think it was either @sofiebofie or @forgotensoul if we're talking about in a chat but @paperdoll was the first to comment on a post of mine and then reply to my reply

13. What was your first story about? my first Commaful story was about this woman who lost her sister, and later, boyfriend my very first story ever... idk, when i was 5 or 6 i wrote some super duper short ones (a few sentences), one about a butterfly lost in the fog, and-

when i was maybe 8 or so, i wrote one kinda similar to Mulan- a girl goes to fight as the captain or whatever in place of her brother, who has a bad leg- she defeats the bad guy remembering that and taking out his knee and also-

in 7th grade i had to write a narrative and i wrote about 3 girls who changed- one watched her father get murdered, one got kidnapped and has differences with her wealthy father, and the other got betrayed and lost her bubbly personality- and then in the future, some new girl brings them together again

- i wrote some weird stuff, didn't I? ;) my writing is better and more realistic nowadays i listed those 4 cuz i wasn't sure what would actually count as a first story

14. Carole baskin, _____ ___ husband, ____ ___. Fill in the blanks ;) i'm gonna go ahead and be boring. Carole Baskin had a husband named Don.

15. How many languages can you speak? English, ofc, and small snatches of other languages, a few words here and there I know Burmese but can't speak it as well as I can understand it and Python lol So around 2 languages

Aaaaand that's the end of the questions from @mistexplorer74 Thank you so much for the questions!

Thanks y'all for suffering through this long post about me have a lovely day!

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