Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! thanksgiving stories

randomwriter I hope you have a nice day! ♡
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I'm thankful for you! ♡

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heyo! I've been posting a bit less cuz there's a lot of schoolwork I need to catch up on (tho i was a great student the years before ;D) but I'll still post when I can, and I just wanna say~

I'm really thankful for Commaful. And I'm also incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful people on Commaful- you're all so kind and talented, and I'm so glad that Commaful is in my life. Thank you all so much for being you! ♡

(btw, check out google translate if you don't know about this already) [see next page]

it works with whatever you type in and lmaoooo, it says poultry verified -i also listened to it- lol

Love y'all, and wishing you all the best! ♡ Happy Thanksgiving! ♡ hope you enjoy your day~

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