My Wish... By random_reader13
My Wish...

By random_reader13 poem stories
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random_reader13 Just someone who wants to read and write
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Whenever I see you I Wish...

My Wish... By random_reader13

I know this is wishful thinking

Wishing for you is insane

I don't even know if you see me

It's like my wishes are all in vain

But I'll hold on to this steady hope

As steady as a ship in a violent storm

Me and You, You and I... We'll become Us

You'll fill my heart with joy and warmth

We will hold hands and walk together

And our talks will go on forever

You and I, we'll see eye to eye

Forever we won't say goodbye

But first I must start this now,

Be brave and come and say 'Hi'

So our story may spread it's wings

And go soar high above and fly.

Dedicated to the one who will make my wish come true...

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