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rancelandstrong Of course I like my own things.
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A pitiful attempt to convey a forbidden love.


by rancelandstrong

But why must the roses bear red, The violets blue?

Wherefore art thou my heart, Such a sad hue.

Why must there be unrequited Love?

Why such pain, such longing? My heart burst with thy face flying as a dove.

Clunky and odd, my eye see thy only as beauty and grace.

The love I feel must never be revealed, must never leave this place. A cold chamber locked with channeled feelings.

The ones for you must go to another, For my sake,

But mostly for yours.

Never mine, I know this pain. I look at you and wish,

Wish so dearly you were mine. But I can not allow it. You have yet to realize it.

You belong to another.

I don't hate the other, I love thy dearly as my friend.

But with jealousy I gaze when your skin touches with.

With pain as your hand locks with.

Silence is all I have. Silence...sad, sad, silence.

Although my heart races when you're near, when you smile,

My heart stops. Thy voice so divine, Thy eyes draw me in,

Such beautiful brown eyes...

My heart withers, my veins run cold,

My eyes burn, my love untold. How I hurt! Why must I do this to myself!?

My heart strings snap and break from the Sorrow of which they play. The pain great, my world is grey.

I wish to wash my pain away And the feelings for you. Instead I hide them, hide what is true.

No one will ever know of the Love I speak. Of the Love that males me weak. I keep it hidden to protect you.

I speak of this no more,

Hopefully it will be forgotten. I just hope when you look in my eyes,

You can see what it is I am hiding.

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