Flames of Rebirth
Flames of Rebirth motivational stories

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A motivational poem sharing my experiences with you from first person to second person POV

Flames of Rebirth

I can feel the heat rising, everything is on fire

Today seems to be a painful reminder

A reminder that we can only get brighter

Because as a star glows brighter, it gets hotter

Yesterday, yesterday was a disaster

Today is the morning after

It's time for my mourning, I breath like I'm inhaling gasses

It's time to rebuild, I'm still a work in progress

Today is a new chapter

Today where wild roses could poke my eyes

I was torn down, but sadness is replaced by smile and laughter

Because the time of mourning is over - it's time to rise

I ventured outward, straight lines and curves

Everything is shifting, the world has a very weird architecture

Things may come and go, but blood still flows in my nerves

It's okay because I know that everyday is a new learning curvature

I could feel heat, there's fire beneath my feet

It's hot but I could not feel pain

I feel warm, I don't even perspire from the heat

But pain is a reminder that you are alive and still sane

I exhaled deep and sighed in relief

Because in the past I left my grief

It was like watching walls melt in your cell

I have survived living hell

Today, you might feel that your weakened

Where everything seems so broken and hopeless

You seek for the light, there! It's seeping in

It's you, yourself that prevents you from leaving

The feeling of resilience starting a flame and it's burning

You may feel like alone in a burning building - screaming

But you are fire proof - a retardant

You climbed to the roof and as you looked down you're chilling

Because you're so over to the pain - you could forgive them while you're smiling

Time passes, they change everything

Wounds - wounds heal but the scar will remain the same

But today will be gone in flames

Burn bright, and cast your flames

Feel yourself burn, watch the smoke as you return

You're like a Phoenix, you're reborn, you're bright, and you burn

Watch yourself rise, watch yourself fly

You just found yourself - you found the light

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