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We are people.we don't have to be liked by everyone.don't have to be loved by everyone.don't have to be followed by everyone.sometimes ,we are just greedy about something .

for example we want to live a luxurious life without hardworking.the younger generation are dreaming that they have a ultra super power smartphone in their hand.they can change everything.

but its not like that .

If we spend more than hour on smart phone.not working and just roaming.view everything and assuming you are gaining you think your brain can save everything you seen.

first identify what is the real purpose you are using it. Don't just use it for checking new messages , means we are addicted to the smart phones.

if we use it for work related ,its understandable.

You may be confused why i am saying these things.because the younger generation have to be aware of these things.

they won't understand until they came out from the smartphone world,pubg world,game world,drama worldwide world etc..

If they want to escape from the addiction of smart phones.i suggest you to throw away that.and throw away your may think that phone cost us very high .

then i can only recommend you only solution give your smart phone to your dad or mom.Came to the real world and face the reality.don't run away from reality.

real world gives you real pleasure.pleasure can't measure that's what the real world gives you.don't. let the sorrowful thoughts enter your heart or brain.

If you are worried about something. Be positive as the time passes all your worries will gone.every is not going to be the same day

.every morning you wake up is your new day.cherish the day and time.if you think you have no time left.pray god.

if you think you have only little time left then use the little amount of time ,do your best .everyone can't be a successful person at the same time everyone is not a failing person

be happy.think deeply and remember what i says.have a blessing life

Just cherish your happy moments.and live the life..

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