Spring Will Appear
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Walked home thinking about you

Spring Will Appear

The warm spring is coming 'round

I'm walking home at night, can't hear a sound

And all I know is that you are the most beautiful thing in town

Thoughts like that makes me drown

The shadows from the streetlights hit the ground

And I'm walking backwards and forwards, round and round;

Thinking of every word you said

How many tears I shed

How beautiful you were in the firelight

Your green eyes captured me, tears glimmered like the watery moonlight

And I want you now, I think about you a lot

I bet you don't think about me at all

You won't stay with me, I know

But you can have your way with me ‘till you go

You can keep all that you steal

Just try to understand how I feel

My heart is yours to hold

The love I feel will never turn cold

Four freckles on your right cheek

How could something so small

Mean so much to me

And I miss your arms from time to time

Just the thought of your scent makes me weak

It's hard for me to tell you what you mean to me,

and I'm scared that you'll never know

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