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rainynights nothing unusual.
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How does the hand feel against a cheek?

Do you not get hurt when you touch someone's skin?

How does the body feel in a hug?

Someone who holds you when you fall down?

Feels like I'm all wrong, no matter what I do, I'm disturbing you

Everything I like breaks down when I touch it

No one knows that what I wear stings like when the knife cuts

Nothing would have fallen apart if you were still here

I hope you're doing alright

Because everything about me ain't half right

I lost a third of who I was

One goes home

One is crushed and one is yours

I don't care about all tears you gave me

I don't care about me seeing everything in gray

What I care about now

In your arms around me

Even though I know I have to forget you

What I care about is seeing you cry

Because I've been crying

What I care about is looking in slow motion

How you break inside

Like I did then

What I care about is

To hear you breathe

Knowing that you are close

Sorry, I'm quitting now

But all I care about is you

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