Answering ak909's Questions.

Answering ak909's Questions.  ak909questions stories

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Decided to answer ak909's questions. Nothing more to it really.

Answering ak909's Questions.

Because why on Earth not huh.

1) Favourite thing about quarantine? Honestly I thought long and hard about this, and decided genuinely nothing.

2) Least favourite thing about quarantine? There's quite a few, and it was difficult to narrow them down. For one, I'm missing some crucial examination I've been studying for 2 years.

I miss my friends (@Rosecherry @northchild13) and social events.

I miss the Outside World.

I miss school, like a lot.

I miss family.

Yeah, quarantine SUCKS.

3) Favourite image on gallery? Hmm tough one. Oh I know-

4) I have to write a limerick? Eh-oh. *googles "limerick generator"*

Here goes nothing:

There once was a young lass who danced

She liked balls but the males said she pranced

She was prettier than

Her biggest fan

She just couldn't say no to the enhanced.

I'm sorry XD!

5) What emoji best describes me? Could I do a love child of two? Then the faerie and the moon.

6) Three wishes from a genie. Hmm. Okay,

i) That all sickness and poverty could be gone

ii) That I had big fluffy angel wings (design of my choice) and when I flew it was classed as exercise

iii) That my dreams came true


7) Edit ak909's profile pic. Duck feet, lobster pincers and SpongeBob head.

8) What secret conspiracy would I like to start? Erm.....I am a human. Hah! That'll get 'em.

9)The perfect T-Shirt would, of course, say "If love be blind, it best agrees with night" (Shakespeare quote, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet)

10) What two colours best go together?

10) What two colours best go together? Dark teal and

10) What two colours best go together? Dark teal and cream.

11) If I was a chess piece, what piece would I be? Queen duh.

12) And you should follow me because I'm awesome.

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