#5 - Cobwebs Of Romance
#5 - Cobwebs Of Romance poetry stories

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I've not done one of these in a long time..but when I remember to do them, I always enjoy myself.

#5 - Cobwebs Of Romance

It's time

to brush away the cobwebs of romance

The tears have long since dried up

The EMOTIONS just need

The emotions just need dusting

The emotions just need dusting off

Love is old and second hand but it works just the same

The reds and pinks have faded and dried but they just need reviving

The roses bought with care are now

The roses bought with care are now wilted and dead

Wilted and dead

Does it matter?

Does it matter? That the love is old, and not ours in the first place

Our dance is enough to revive the love

The wilted love,

The wilted love, the dead love

But not dead

Not quite

We just need to brush away

The cobwebs of romance

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