Park Bench By Simone @RainShineIWrite
Park Bench 
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Just a little New Year short story filled with some magic

Park Bench By Simone @RainShineIWrite

She sits waiting, the wind blowing ever so slightly. She feels the leaves crushing under her feet, she watches as the pathway fades. It is then she knows to hold tight.

She take a deep breath exhaled and then smiled slowly the park bench lifted carefully. She knows where she is going. It is New Years Eve, she is heading to the sea to be with her family.

The bench moves as though it has no weight at all. The trees dance to the wind beneath her. She continues to flow through the sky.

Birds wave their wings saying hello, she grips the bench still with one hand and waves back with the other. Now looking down she can see the white foams and deep blue of the sea.

She sees the house now and slowly, she moves her hands and gently gold glitter fades from them and the bench lands on the balcony. Her family see her and they head out to greet her.

They smile and hug one another as they know what will be happening next. Their yearly tradition, for themselves and the people in this close knit community is about to take flight.

They look over the ocean gold glitter once again lifting from her hands,

blue sparks come jolting into view as her brother and father join her and last but certainly not least she sees her mums rose pink light with actual rose projecting through it.

She did not look behind her mum had taken a slow walk from the house after putting finishing touches on a feast that would be theirs to eat.

The light that now shook, shimmered and glimmered in the sky cast a New Years glow across the sea.

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