Is It She? By Simone @RainShineIWrite
Is It She?
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rainshineiwrite I am reader & writer of the imaginary
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Is It She? By Simone @RainShineIWrite

He spoke of the African sky and of how the stars brought him peace, he spoke of how this peace could be shared with another was it she?

She crossed oceans felt the breeze and left behind the African bees for some Australian gumtrees

A year of silence ensued, one path woven another taken, he's fire burns bright for a passion he knows, he hits the ground running passing the ball they speak regularly then sporadically,

now learning the tools of the trade he will one day master.

She writes of fairytales and fantasy, she sits with others moving through moments casting long strings that's hoped to pull it all together in one way or another

She finds herself in a new city with new faces breathing in the safety soaking up the culture so different to where she had been yet she found, connection in its vibrancy and creativity

Her family grounds in the loving roots of what she knows yet we all watch now as our beautiful family tree grows

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