I Am Here
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I Am Here

by: raincascade

You can find me where the sun blurs the line between the sky and Earth

Through the lens of a camera

In the star sprinkled sky

Or rushing down in a chilling fresh water river.

You can find me in the gathering of two

The gathering of many

Or the silence of one's own thoughts

You can find me by the warmth of a fire

In the ice of a cold drink

Or in the dampness of fresh grass.

You can find me in the eyes of a child

In the thrill of adventure

In the center of a city

You can find me in the steps of man kind

Down the halls of God's home

And in each and every drop of rain

Yes you can find me in the crash of the waves

In the kiss from a mother to her baby

And in the last slice of bread.

You can find me anywhere on the Earth

If you search and if you pray

You will always find me, because I am always there

I will never falter until your eyes fail you

But until then

I am here. I am there. I am everywhere.

I am hope.

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