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A school dance is coming up! Will Todoroki ask Bakugo to the dance? The ending to Embers is here!


[Lunch Rush}

I looked across the room at Bakugo. He looked...

...deep in thought.

Uraraka elbowed me softly, "Are you listening?" I jumped, "Oh. Yes. Sorry." Uraraka continued, excitedly. "I'm so excited for the upcoming dance! I already have a dress I'm gonna wear and everything! Now if only I had a date..."

"Didn't you say you wanted to ask Asui--" Iida began. Uraraka looked at me, "So, you gonna ask Bakugo?" she asked, blushing wildly. Iida looked at her, shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat.

I blushed. Ask Bakugo...to a dance? I didn't even know there WAS a dance! I've never asked someone I like to a dance before.

What if Bakugo says no? He'll definitely say no. He's Bakugo. He'd never go to a dance with me willingly. Plus, if I ask him to the dance he'll KNOW I like him and he'll avoid me and I'll forever be heartbroken and I'll have to runaway to live out my days as a hermi--

"Uhhh, you ok, Todoroki?" Midoriya asked, waving a hand in my face. I jumped, "Oh, yes, sorry. I don't know if I'll ask him." Uraraka gave me a big smile, "Y'know, if you ask him, and he says yes, then you'll get a date with Bakugo!"

"But if you don't," she continued. "You might never get the chance again!" Iida nodded, "Like you and Asui--" Uraraka ignored him, blushing again.

I looked down at my food, "You may be right...but what if he says no...?" Midoriya, "Oh, if I know Kacchan, he'll totally say n--" Uraraka kicked him under the table. "YES! HE'LL SAY YES!"

Uraraka sighed, "Todoroki, if Bakugo says no, then it's his loss. If you do it then at least you had the courage to ask him." "Yeah," I said. "I suppose so." The thing is...I don't know if I DO have the courage to ask him.

[--Time skip--brought to you by grinning Bakug-oh my god he's hot]


I walked up to the roof where I knew Bakugo would be. You can do it, you can do it, you can do this, Todoroki. It's just asking Bakugo to a dance. I paused and turned around. Maybe this isn't a good idea...

No, I thought. I can DO this.

I walked up to the roof and saw Bakugo leaning against the railing, wearing all black, as usual. "That you, IcyHot?" Bakugo asked without turning around. "Uh, yeah." I tried to control my nervousness. I walked up to him.

He sighed angrily at me, "Damn idiot, always invading my privacy." I cleared my throat, "So...have you, ah, heard about the dance?" Bakugo shrugged, "Guess so. Sounds fuckin' stupid to me though."

"O-oh. So you're not going..." Bakugo gave me a look, "Do I LOOK like the kind of loser that goes to a fucking school dance!?" I looked away, "I guess not..." Bakugo huffed, but gave me an odd kind of look.

I cleared my throat, "I should be going." Bakugo raised an eyebrow, "Already?" I started walking away and nodded, "Yeah, I don't want to invade you're space anymore."

"I was just--" Bakugo started. I knew he didn't mean it, but I had to get out of there. That was close. Of course he wouldn't want to go. I'm glad I didn't ask.

[--time skip--brought to you by Todoroki dissing Bakugo XD]

[The night of the dance, in Uraraka's dorm]

Uraraka twirled in her dress, "So? What'cha think?" "You look wonderful, Uraraka!" Midoriya said. "Yes," Iida said. "I'm glad you finally asked Asui to the dance." Uraraka smiled, "I'm glad too."

Uraraka frowned at me sympathetically, "I'm sorry, it didn't work out for you Todoroki..." I felt a small ache in my chest. "It's okay," I said. "I don't really even like dances anyway." "Okay..."

I nodded at her, "You look nice. Asui will love it. Don't worry about me." Uraraka smiled, "Thanks, Todoroki. Well, if we're all ready?" Midoriya stood up from the bed, "Let's get to the dance!"

We all walked out of Uraraka's dorm. I stood in the hallway, hesitant. Midoriya looked back at me, "Todoroki? You coming?" I sighed, "I'll be there later. Go on without me."

Midoriya creased his eyebrows, "W-well, if you insist..." "I do," I said, looking at the wall. Midoriya hesitated a moment then ran to catch up with the others.

I sighed and walked up to the roof. The sky was clear, and I could see the Milky Way. The air was crisp and cold, just they way I liked it. I leaned against the railing where Bakugo usually stands. Putting my hands where he places his.

The door to the stairs suddenly opened. I turned around and saw Bakugo. We both paused, staring at each other in silence.

"Er...I thought you'd be at the stupid dance," Bakugo muttered. "I thought you'd be alseep..." I replied. More staring. Bakugo sighed and walked up to me.

He shoved me aside, "You're in my spot." "My bad." I didn't...know what to say to him. But luckily, Bakugo had that covered.

"I was...gonna ask you, you know." "What?" I asked. What was he talking about. He blushed, "To the dance." It was my turn to blush, "I don't understand..."

"I was afraid...you say no and that you didn't like me." Bakugo said quietly. Things were coming together, but I couldn't quite connect the dots. "What are you saying...?" I asked.

Bakugo still didn't make eye contact as he spoke. "Remember...when we went to the movies...and you had helped me warm up?" I nodded. How could I forget? It was about the best moment of my life.

Bakugo gripped the railing, "That day...you made me feel...different. It was the first time I really felt like I could be myself around someone and...not feel looked down on or weak. I felt...accepted. I guess." Did I...really make him feel that way? Did I make him feel the way I felt about him?

Bakugo hunched his shoulders, "What I'm trying to say is...I like you. Ah--tch, STOP LOOKING AT ME!!" I couldn't help it. I couldn't stop staring with my mouth hanging open. Bakugo just said the very words I've been wanting to tell him for months.

Bakugo glared at me, "I don't give a shit if you don't like me back or hate me now or whatever. So don't bother pitying m--" I hugged him. Bakugo's shoulders stiffened, "Wha--"

"I could never hate you," I whispered. "I love you." Bakugo gripped my shirt, "Tch! Why didn't you say so then dammit!? God, you're annoying!" I pulled away from the hug and smiled. Bakugo glared at me but I could see happiness behind his eyes.

I cupped a hand to Bakugo's face and pressed my lips against his. Here. This was where I was meant to be. Here, under the stars in Bakugo's warm embrace. Where I had longed to be for so long. Everything was perfect.

I pulled away slowly, my first kiss tingling on my lips. Bakugo looked flustered, "I-Icyhot...!" "Hm?"

"Stupid bastard! I love you!"








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