Living As a Shadow - Chapter 2
Living As a Shadow - Chapter 2 loki stories

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Once Thor is out of the picture she will marry again, but this time with the next in line of succession...

Living As a Shadow - Chapter 2

The reason behind Loki's sudden resignation was simple: It was nothing more than an act necessary to set in place a plan he had came up with.

Loki decided to push Thor out of the way once and for all. 'Brother is so naive and he trusts me, so I could manipulate him into father's disfavor.

And as for Tyra once Thor is out of the picture, she will probably marry again because of the alliance, but this time with the next one in line of succession...'

No, he wasn't as brave as Thor, or as good looking, he thought. But she would accept it, for political reasons.

The God of Mischief had such deep wounds concerning his self worth that not for a single moment he considered the possibility that she could ever have any interest in him.

Time passed, and even if purely friendly from Tyra's part, her bound with Loki continued to grow.

Indeed, they got along great: Both were sensitive, found of drama and never took anything seriously. They also had sorcery in common.

Loki was forced to hide his feelings and he did it so well, that with time, even his mother was convinced that he had moved on.

Sadly it was the total opposite of what she thought: His initial infatuation grew to deep love as he and Tyra became best friends.

However, predicably after living together, Thor and Tyra started to know and love each other truly.

Faking to take pleasure in the couple's company, The Trickster converted himself in their shadow. Lurking, obsessively gathering any information that could be used later, he waited patiently...

As it was expected as the wife of the future king, Tyra followed the army into battle against the Frost Giants.

Those long excursions were filled with hardness and lack of comfort, but were nonetheless full of excitement and adventure.

The Asgardians spent several weeks mapping or battling over the enemy territory. At night they camped in red tents and entertained themselves as best as they could around a bonfire.

Drinking, singing warrior's songs and dancing were they favorite activities to take a break from the hardships of war.

One day they achieved a great victory against the Frost Giants and were preparing a big celebration.

A few hours later, all warriors were gathered to party.

People danced together in groups and it was easy to get lost in that loud crowd.

At some point Thor sneaked into a group where Tyra was and picked up the woman from the ground by the waist, even more enthusiastically than usually due to all the beers he had.

She let out a little gasp of surprise but soon giggled recognizing the God of Thunder. With ridiculous ease he carried her around close to his chest dancing to the music that was playing.

Their mouths were soon united in one long, tender kiss. Her hands played lovingly with his blond beard.

Sitting further with the other warriors, Loki watched them. He had a full glass in his hand and immediately finished it in one drag.

Apparently he had drink past being cautious that time, because he heard a mocking voice whisper:

'At least try to be more discreet.'

'You too, Sif.' He whispered back with cold malice, implying to the fact that he knew Lady Sif had feelings for Thor.

With a shrug, the beautiful lady warrior left, though her mocking smile was gone at his remark.

Meanwhile Thor had put Tyra back to the ground. One of the warriors of Three, completely drunk, dragged him along to sing another tune that was about to start.

Flushed, still smiling, Tyra turned to regain her place when something caught her eye. She had the feeling that she saw someone looking at them, but now Lady Sif was blocking the view.

Finally Sif moved and she found Loki's face turned that way, his gaze locked on her.

His expression was so strange, that his handsome features were twisted to the point of ugliness.

Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered whatever he was considering in that moment to look like that. It couldn't be good.

No, it couldn't! She pictured, against her will, her guess of his thoughts, and they must've been horrid.

Their eyes met and she shivered. His glance actually scared Tyra.

After that incident the Vanir girl wasn't able to enjoy the party as before. She blamed it on too much beer and decided to go to bed earlier.

She said goodnight to Thor and headed towards the bigger tent in the camp, where she, Thor, Loki, the Warriors of Three and Sif all slept.

With the party going on, however, the place was completely empty apart from the sentinel at the entrance.

There were several pelts on the floor next to each other, she just chose one and soon was overcome by heavy, restless sleep.

Weird dreams started to take over her. The image of a burning castle started to appear in her mind.

The tent disappeared and she saw herself inside the palace of Asgard, exactly as she knew it, except it was being consumed by flames.

She felt something wet on her clothes and in amazement saw that blood was flowing freely from a large wound on her shoulder.

Clouds of black smoke blinded her, walls started to collapse. It all felt so real that she forgot that it was a dream and desperately tried to find her way out.

Coming from outside, there were noises of explosions... And vague screams of fear as if the kingdom was under attack.

What sort of doom was taking place in Asgard?

She kept going as best as she could through the corridors and empty rooms until smoke became so intense that she got completely lost and started to shout:

'Thor?! Can you hear me? Thor?!'

Soon she stopped, even more terrified at what she saw next than of the fire: The silhouette of a tall man was peaking through the moving smoke.

He must've listened to her call as he was just a few meters away from her.

It was Loki.

His clothes and face were dirty with soot, his hair messy and glued to his face by sweat. His sinister expression came to life in a dark smile:

'Come Tyra, I will get us out of here.'

She froze, terrified!

She couldn't explain how she knew it then, but he was the one responsible for all that chaos.

'Get back Loki!'

She had no weapon to defend herself. She tried to run. But weakened, she fell backwards with terror.

Her widened eyes couldn't leave his, with anguish she saw him leap through the flames to get to her.

'I'm here to help.' He raised her from the floor by the arm, trying to pull her along with him. 'This way.'

'No! Let me go.' Tyra pushed him with what was left of her martial resistance, managing to escape.

'Stop! Come with me, you know I wouldn't hurt you!' He yelled, grabbing her again and infuriated at her reaction.

'Leave me alone! You know I will never go with you!' She scream to his face, anger finally dominating her fear.

'All you think about is Thor isn't!' He roared in a changed voice.

With blind determination, he dragged her along through that blazing hell, his grip strong as iron braces around her wrist.

In certain, but slowed down paces due to her struggle to break free, he seemed to know where he was going amidst the flames. He genuinely struggled to drag her to safety.

Her senses started to fail and the scene got blurred.

'Wake up!'

The image started disappear but she still could see the top of a tower, then both of them falling into a devouring abyss.

'Wake up, Tyra!'

She opened her eyes. Loki was standing next to her, shaking her by the shoulders.

Panicked, she let out a cry when she recognized him.

'Its just a bad dream. It's all right. You were dreaming.' He said reassuringly.

She looked at his smiling face, still terrified, as if the Asgardian was still dragging her through that doomed castle. His presence created the illusion that the dream was still happening.

She looked around, finally integrating into reality.

'Thanks.' She said with a nervous laugh, a bit embarrassed. 'Why you are not at the party?'

Turns out Loki too decided to call it a night after his moods plummeted. He entered the tent wishing to sleep, only to find Tyra tossing around in bed and faintly screaming.

'I overindulged tonight. Besides I couldn't find you and Thor was busy, so I had no one I wanted to talk to. I was done listening to Sif and the others brag and discuss warfare nonsense.'

'That's all they ever talk about.' She agreed. 'What was tonight's 'fascinating' topic?'

Loki had a little laugh:

'My fighting skills.'

'Really? So what did they say?'

'That as warrior I make a fine sorcerer.'

'Which is of course a lie. You could take any of them without magic, I've seen you fight.’

'A bit fading when you have Thor in comparison.'

'You are the greatest sorcerer in the realm. How come you see greatness in others and remain blind to your own?'

'Asgard appreciates only one kind of greatness.'

'Perhaps you'll be the one who will change it, someday...'

Loki was pensive for a moment, then sighed with frustration:

'I know I could.'

He lied over a pelt and stared at the ceiling, immersed in his thoughts.

He turned to the side wishing to continue the conversation, but his friend seemed to be on the edge of sleep so he let her do so.

Tyra shifted and turned to the other side, pulling the covers up. Her eyelids were heavy but for a moment her eyes snapped open, the memories of that dream involuntary coming back to assault her.

Could it be a premonition, something that as a Vanir, she was familiar with? A possible timeline?

Tyra didn't want to believe it. No, it couldn't be, she thought. It was her best friend they were talking about! So sweet and sensitive. Loki would never be capable of such things.

He was mischievous, yes; envious sometimes but never evil. It must've been the beer, or perhaps the low temperatures of those lands that gave her the nightmares, of course!

But in spite of everything that she told herself, in the back of her mind she knew that even if she didn't want to acknowledge it, she would never forget that hating glance at the party.

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